Enable the Digital Thread with an API for the Digital Thread


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Leverage the Toolset that Enables the Digital Thread with an API for the Digital Thread

Integrate your product data between PLM , ALM, SDM, ERP or any legacy system through cross domain collaboration, and enable the digital thread.

Discover PROSTEP’s API for the Digital Thread

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What is the digital thread?

The digital thread is a communication framework enabling manufacturers to re-purpose, reuse and trace information throughout product development. When you integrate your systems into a ‘digital thread’, partners, suppliers and vendors are all connected to consistently updated and traceable product data. Whether you are working on 3D models or other data files, your product development team will always have access to the most updated part and can communicate and collaborate effectively through all domains.

Successfully managing the digital record of information throughout the product lifecycle gives you complete interoperability and traceability. 

But how do you effectively manage the growing number of mechanical, electrical and software components?

Do you have the right toolset to enable integration of product data, building traceability and mapping for the digital thread?

PROSTEP’s API for the Digital Integrates Product Data Between Your Systems

Digital Thread API - SystemsPROSTEP API for Digital Thread

PROSTEP products and solutions enable the digital thread through:

Share CAD data, provide intelligent, traceable links between systems, share data with suppliers securely and communicate complex data downstream.  PROSTEP’s API for the Digital Thread is your toolset for full system interoperability and traceability.   Download the guide.

PROSTEP API Digital Thread Products

Toolset to Enabling the Digital Thread

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