​Connect two PLM systems ​​with OpenPDM Connect

Do you need to ​coordinate complex product structures, individual parts, BOMs and documents? OpenPDM Connect easily synchronizes product data for ​faster and more accurate development.

​PLM Connection

​Do you need a PLM PLM connection?

A reliable method for connecting two digital PLM systems is vital when managing a complex product development process.

PLM to PLM connection can be a challenge, especially when each PLM is from a different vendor. It is crucial to have the right skills and toolsets when synchronizing individual parts, BOMs, documents and complex product structures with version and metadata status.

Whatever your specific use case, OpenPDM Connect allows you to connect ​PLM PLM systems to enable:

  • Integration of business processes
  • Integrity of data and reliability
  • Enterprise-wide consistent data
  • Flexibility and quick implementation

Further, PROSTEP's partnerships with leading PLM vendors such as Dassault, PTC, SIEMENS, ARENA and others ensure reliable, proven PLM to PLM solutions.

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OpenPDM Connect ​Enables Synchronized Data Flow for Your Digital PLM

OpenPDM ​Connect is the ​PLM PLM connection framework built on PROSTEP's OpenPDM solution. OpenPDM is a vendor neutral solution, connecting product data to streamline your product development processes. With OpenPDM, you will be able to integrate and migrate product data through a variety of systems. PROSTEP’s integration and migration connectors enable you to easily manage your product data with both out-of-the-box and customized solutions for your use case. OpenPDM features:

  • CAx Integration/Migration
  • SDM/ERP Integration/Migration
  • PDM/PLM Integration/Migration
  • OSLC, Web Services, STEP, XML and other Integration/Migration solutions

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Tel: +1 248 247 1007

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