PLM Collaboration Platform for Collaborative Product Development

How can having a PLM Collaboration platform service help your product development?

Globally distributed projects involving multiple partners require major coordination of product development data. A collaboration platform ensures that enterprise-wide synchronized data is available to all internal and external development partners.

OpenPDM is the Leading PLM Collaboration Platform used by various industries. Learn more about OpenPDM here.

If you’re in one of the following groups, a self-contained collaboration platform for the secure provision of shared data for distributed development may help:

  • Joint Venture Collaboration – Manufacturers (OEMs) often provide the necessary PLM data but restrict access to their own PLM system. In this case, a reliable platform for PLM management will help.
  • Consortium Partner – If two different OEMs use the same component but use their own product range, and each OEM works on their respective PLM systems, a collaborative platform will help.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – When merging two companies, a uniform PLM platform may be too complex and expensive to manage effectively and a collaborative platform will help.

The route to a successful migration includes careful project planning, defined requirements, and identification of the correct deliverables and tasks. Given the considerable complexity of migrations, which tools are best suited to help migrate your data?


With OpenPDM CCenter, all PLM project data is secured and synchronized outside your IT Infrastructure. The data is available to all parties within a protected environment, enabling quick on/off boarding of partners during development ensuring enterprise-wide PLM collaboration.

The OpenPDM CCenter advantage gives you:

  • Seamless PLM integration to keep your data up-to-date
  • Push and pull data supply to enable you to co-work offline
  • Multi-CAD support to enhance the flexibility in your collaboration
  • Version tracking and change history to give you complete transparency
  • Delta data reconciliation to reduce the transfer volume
  • Simplified integration of your external collaboration partners
  • Centralized sharing of data with automated updates to reduce errors and prevent rework
  • Optimized efficiency for your collaboration




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