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PROSTEP’s vendor-neutral PLM Integration platform allows for seamless product integration from PLM, ERP, ALM, MES, SDM, and other systems for the most efficient product development.

What is PLM

Product life cycle management (PLM) is an information system that helps coordinate the information, data, and processes associated with the development of a product throughout its life cycle. PLM focuses on the entire life cycle of a product, from concept through end-of-life.

Why PLM Integration

The business benefits of PLM integration include faster and more efficient product development. PLM integration gives you a better view of the lifecycle of your product across all relevant domains and disciplines. You can be assured that data is visible and up-to-date across your organization and throughout your external development partners.

Utilizing PROSTEP’s OpenPDM platform allows for your data to be housed all in one area and in turn makes the process much more efficient and effective


OpenPDM gives you the connectivity to get consistent, up-to-date, bi-directional data flow within your PLM systems. The solution modernizes outdated, heterogeneous IT system landscapes so you don’t lose information integrity between systems.

You get the right information, at the right time so your users can effectively and efficiently execute their product development processes.

PLM & ERP Integration

While there are many types of data integration, PLM ERP integration is designed to increase the efficiency of your business operations. This efficiency comes from PLM’s focus on production and manufacturing while ERP’s focus is on managing your resources, order processing, purchasing, accounting, inventory, and manufacturing. Because PLM and ERP are closely related, integration of these two components will streamline your product development processes, as any changes to one system will greatly affect the other. With bi-directional data flow between your PLM ERP, you’ll be able to get accurate data in both systems, thus improving your product development process and allowing you to use each system to its maximum capability.

Consider the benefits of syncing data sets with PLM ERP Integration:


  • PLM to ERP engineering part and BOM structures
  • PLM to ERP manufacturing part and BOM structures
  • PLM to ERP engineering change
  • PLM design record to ERP
  • PLM planning and documentation


  • ERP to PLM cost visibility
  • ERP to PLM process synchronization
  • ERP to PLM manufacturing change
  • ERP to PLM vendor / supplier information
  • ERP to PLM support / manufacturing part and BOM structures

Other Integrations

ALM Integration

ALM is short for Application Lifecycle Management. ALM helps manage the lifecycle of application development. PLM ALM integration incorporates the integration between your hardware and software systems.

CAD Integration

Collaboration in product development can be a challenge with so many different CAD file formats existing in the market. The integration of both PLM and CAD ensures that changes are up-to-date since both systems ultimately improve collaboration which reduces rework and improves efficiency.

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