White paper on the integration of production planning with OpenPDM

White paper on the integration of production planning with OpenPDM_Image

Many companies need to make their production processes more flexible and control them more intelligently if they are to bring their products to market faster and boost their competitiveness. The key to this is end-to-end digitalization. It requires better integration of manufacturing process management (MPM) and production planning and control (PPC) into the digital information flows of product development and production. In a new white paper, PROSTEP explains how end-to-end digitalization can be implemented effectively even in heterogeneous IT system landscapes.

A turning point for PLM or why ALM is becoming increasingly important


Application lifecycle management (ALM) could become a game changer in PLM environments. A joint study conducted by PROSTEP and BHC analyzes the associated market and application environment. In an interview with our guest author Dr. Bernhard Valnion, agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS explains why it decided to focus on one tool provider when choosing a PLM platform.

Secure exchange of customer data for digital forensics

Digital fingerprint security

As one of the leading specialists in the fields of digital forensics and eDiscovery, Swiss FTS places particularly high demands on the protection of confidential customer data that the company receives for digital forensics investigations. To make data exchange as secure as possible, the renowned Swiss company has recently started using PROSTEP’s proven OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform.

Bridging the gap between business and PLM architectures

PLM Shipbuilding

From a strategic viewpoint, the more complex PLM landscapes in the shipbuilding industry become, the greater the importance of enterprise architecture (EA). This refers to the coordination of corporate strategy, business architecture and organization, information flows, application architecture and IT infrastructures. The consultants at PROSTEP provide you with support when it comes to designing EA-compatible PLM architectures.

New white paper on the advantages of the 3D master concept

In many companies, the end-to-end use of digital product information is hampered by the fact that it is still passed on based on drawings. Therefore, the first step on the way to the Digital Thread and the Model-Based Enterprise is the implementation of the 3D master concept. A new PROSTEP white paper describes the advantages and challenges involved.

Model Based Definition: The Path to the 3D Master

end to end digitalization white paper

The end-to-end use of digital information in engineering is made more difficult today by the fact that 2D drawings are still a central source of information for subsequent processes in many companies, alongside the 3D model. As a result,
information relevant to production or quality is not available in machine-readable form. The implementation of the 3D
master concept is therefore the first step on the way to the digital thread and the Model-Based Enterprise. This white paper describes why it is a good idea to go down this path and what challenges are associated with it in the PLM context.

Doubts about the success of the European cloud project GAIA-X

Gartner Study

While the global market for public IaaS services from the cloud, led by Amazon, Microsoft and Alibaba, is growing almost relentlessly and, according to Gartner, will reach a volume of almost 91 billion US dollars in 2021, the European cloud project GAIA-X is not getting off the ground. In view of the lack of implementations, Forrester analysts give the project little chance of success.

Slicing the PLM elephants


Many companies are facing the challenge of modernizing their now aging PLM landscapes. This is especially true of the PLM pioneers among them, who rolled out the first management systems for their mechanical product data more than 20 years ago. In many cases, these systems are no longer subject to further development or they no longer meet the new requirements for developing cyber-physical systems, which incorporate a high proportion of electronics and software. Their software architectures make it difficult to quickly integrate the new tools and features needed to respond agilely to new market and customer requirements.

PROSTEP creates a link between PTC Arena and Jira


In the middle of last year, a blockchain committee was set up at the VDMA (German Association for Mechanical and Plant Engineering) to intensify the exchange of information on the technology and to investigate possible applications in more detail. The committee is affiliated with the VDMA’s IT department and is open to all member companies interested in blockchain. New use cases are regularly presented at the committee’s meetings. At the last meeting, PROSTEP showed how the technology can be used to prove beyond doubt the authorship of complex CAD models.





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