OpenPDM at Webasto

OpenPDM integrates PLM landscape at Webasto

OpenPDM provides the basis for many of the successful integration projects that we have implemented in recent years. One example is the Webasto Group, which is not only migrating its CATIA installation to 3DEXPERIENCE but also replacing its heterogeneous PDM landscape company-wide with the PLM suite 4PEP from ILC Solutions.
OpenPDM Connecting Systems

Integrating federated PLM system landscapes

The stable linking together of two PLM systems or a PLM and an ERP system is not rocket science, and our customers have been using OpenPDM to do exactly that for years. PLM system landscapes are however becoming increasingly heterogeneous and subject to dramatic change.
OpenPDM and OSLC

Standard Integrations Beyond the PLM World

OpenPDM is far more than just the leading PLM integration platform. Our standard connectors connect the PDM/PLM world to all the IT worlds relevant to product development, be it ERP, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). OpenPDM not only makes it possible for us to synchronize data between the connected systems but also implement new concepts for cross-system data linking. When strong partnerships occur, the ability to bring the best strengths and talents from both companies emerge to deliver more impactful, comprehensive, and complementary software solutions to their user base.

Celebrating Women in Technology at the Upcoming Virtual COExperience 2020

PROSTEP INC and parent company PROSTEP AG are Platinum sponsors at this year’s annual COExperience, now a virtual event held September 14-16, 2020. COE (Community of Experts of Dassault Systemes Solutions) brings together users of Dassault Systemes software and provides unprecedented access to education, training, networking, product influence opportunities and best practices.

PROSTEP iVIP Symposium Goes Virtual

For the 23rd year, the largest PLM conference in Europe will go virtual on September 2, 2020. The PROSTEP iVIP Symposium will give attendees access to digital transformation discussions, systems engineering, digital twins, IoT and Industry 4 though leadership presentations.

Ready for use in hybrid cloud scenarios

The new version of our OpenPDM integration platform connects PLM and ERP systems securely and reliably, regardless of whether they are installed in the cloud or locally. Thanks to its modular architecture, independent connectors and the use of microservices, OpenPDM 9 is ready for use in hybrid cloud/on-premise scenarios. The alternative is a standards-based integration platform that allows new IT systems to be connected easily and data to be synchronized with all the systems that have already been integrated.
OpenPDM Integration Platform

Maximum flexibility and a high level of investment protection

PLM landscapes are constantly changing and with them integration requirements. Proprietary point-to-point interfaces between individual applications are no longer able to meet these requirements. The alternative is a standards-based integration platform that allows new IT systems to be connected easily and data to be synchronized with all the systems that have already been integrated.
OpenPDM for PLM

The all-purpose solution for PLM integration and collaboration

OpenPDM has been around for 20 years. The integration platform's functional scope and possible areas of application have changed dramatically during this time. Thanks to its new, microservices-based architecture, it can now also be used in hybrid cloud/on-premise scenarios.

No Digital Twin without Digital Thread

Digital Twins offer the possibility to simulate the behavior of physical assets, to monitor them during operation and to continuously improve them. The data and models from planning and development form the context in which the operating data can be interpreted correctly. Putting them together from the wealth of available information is an essential prerequisite for the use of digital twin applications.
Choosing PDM System

The right advice when choosing a PDM system

Finding the right PDM system is a challenge for companies with limited IT resources and with no expertise in the field of PDM. This is why Oberhausen-based GHH-Radsatz GmbH, which is part of the GHH-BONATRANS Group, brought in the PLM consultants from PROSTEP. They not only supported the company in defining the requirements and selecting the system, but also accompanied the pilot implementation.