The Digital Thread makes complexity manageable

Digital Thread

Nowadays, manufacturing industry uses highly complex IT systems to develop equally highly complex products that include an increasing number of electronic and software components. However, the attempt to cast out the devil of complexity with complex PLM solutions is increasingly being stretched to the limit. If users are to get to grips with this complexity, they need applications that are as innovative as they are easy to use.

Fast Data Transfer for fast Vessels

OpenPDM supports AUSTAL Shipyard’s PLM Integration – AUSTAL, Australia`s global shipbuilder and one of the world’s leading shipyards for naval and commercial high-speed vessels, is currently undertaking a modernization of their IT-landscape. After jointly developing AUSTAL’s PLM strategy and roadmap in 2020, AUSTAL and PROSTEP continue their collaboration and launched a new project in June 2021 to develop AUSTAL’s future digital enterprise platform based on PROSTEP’s OpenPDM.

OpenPDM supports PLM integration at AUSTAL shipyard


AUSTAL, one of the world’s leading shipyards for high-speed vessels, is currently modernizing its IT landscape. After the Australian shipbuilder defined its PLM strategy and roadmap together with PROSTEP, the two partners launched a project to develop AUSTAL’s digital enterprise platform based on PROSTEP’s Integration platform OpenPDM in June 2021. The objective of the project is to achieve a seamless flow of information between the enterprise data management systems such as PDM/PLM, ERP, data warehouse (DWH) and PPS.

Adient Aerospace Leverages PROSTEP’s Data Exchange Solution OpenDXM GlobalX in the Cloud

Cloud-based applications can be used “as-is” without high initial investments, which makes them particularly interesting for start-ups or newly founded companies like Adient Aerospace. The manufacturer of aircraft seats, a joint venture between car seat manufacturer Adient and aircraft manufacturer The Boeing Company, recently began using PROSTEP’s leading data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model from the cloud.

PROSTEP Offers New Integrations For the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform


PROSTEP, a PLM consulting and software company is expanding its long-standing partnership with PLM vendor Dassault Systèmes to ensure that it is able to provide its customers with comprehensive support for their digitalization initiatives. The expanded partner agreement now allows PROSTEP to develop integration solutions for the public cloud variant of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and connect its leading data exchange platform, OpenDXM GlobalX, to 3DEXPERIENCE in a more flexible way.

Magna Blue Sky Organizes Data Exchange with OpenDXM GlobalX

Magna is developing intelligent next-generation electric vehicles for the Chinese market together with Beijing Electric Vehicle (BJEV), the electric car subsidiary of the Chinese carmaker BAIC. Magna Blue Sky, the name of the joint venture, uses PROSTEP’s OpenDXM GlobalX solution, in combination with the PLM solution Teamcenter, for the secure exchange of data with partners and suppliers.

New Integrations for the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform


PROSTEP is expanding its long-standing partnership with PLM manufacturer Dassault Systèmes to provide the company’s customers with comprehensive support for their digitization initiatives. We can now develop integration solutions for the public cloud variant of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform as well as connect our OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform to 3DEXPERIENCE in a more flexible way.

End-to-end Digitalization is Determined by the Digital Twin

The digital twin is an important, if not the most important, enabler for the digital transformation of business processes and the development of data-driven business models. This is why it is the focus of numerous digitalization initiatives in a wide range of industries. Companies however face a number of challenges when it comes to implementing the digital twin. One of these challenges, albeit not the biggest, is the fact that their existing PLM capabilities are most likely insufficient for this purpose and need to be expanded.




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