No Digital Twin without Digital Thread

Digital Twins offer the possibility to simulate the behavior of physical assets, to monitor them during operation and to continuously improve them. The data and models from planning and development form the context in which the operating data can be interpreted correctly. Putting them together from the wealth of available information is an essential prerequisite for the use of digital twin applications.
Choosing PDM System

The right advice when choosing a PDM system

Finding the right PDM system is a challenge for companies with limited IT resources and with no expertise in the field of PDM. This is why Oberhausen-based GHH-Radsatz GmbH, which is part of the GHH-BONATRANS Group, brought in the PLM consultants from PROSTEP. They not only supported the company in defining the requirements and selecting the system, but also accompanied the pilot implementation.
OpenDESC supports customers despite the Corona crisis

Short-time work and home office determine everyday working life in the Corona pandemic. Nevertheless, the OpenDESC team at PROSTEP continues to support customers around the clock in the conversion, migration and transfer of their CAD and PLM data. We have expanded our software environment to meet the growing demand for our cloud-based service.
Karsten Theis - PROSTEP AG

There’s digitalization – and then there’s digitalization

By Karsten Theis In the last newsletter, I wrote "To stand still is no option for us" with reference to the difficulties facing the management of companies in an age of global uncertainties. And then came the lockdown and suddenly (almost) everything ground to a halt. Admittedly, the coronavirus pandemic was not entirely unforeseeable, but we were unprepared for the scale with which it hit us. I do, however, feel that one point I made has been confirmed: The situation can only be mastered using an agile approach. And with an even greater level of digitalization, I would now add.
Professor Frank Kirchner

We Have to Learn How to Deal With Artificial Intelligence

For companies in all industries, artificial intelligence is becoming a key driver of competition. In this interview, Professor Frank Kirchner explains what it can and cannot do and where the challenges lie when implementing AI applications. Kirchner studied computer science and neurosciences and has been exploring how AI can be used in the real world for 25 years.

Industry award for cloud-based OpenDXM GlobalX platform

PROSTEP's Secure Data Exchange Platform, OpenDXM GlobalX Gets Industry Award
Realize Live 2020 - PROSTEP Virtual Meeting Room

PROSTEP INC is Platinum Sponsor at SIEMENS Realize Live Virtual Event Show this June...

PROSTEP is a Platinum sponsor at this year?s SIEMENS Realize Live 2020 Virtual event. The online event happening on June 23-24, 2020, will allow PROSTEP to provide a 'virtual meeting room' where attendees can login, hear discussions and see live presentations and demos on PLM thought leadership.
OpenDXM GlobalX File Share

Easy integration in hybrid IT system landscapes

PROSTEP is now making the world’s leading data exchange platform, OpenDXM GlobalX, available from the cloud. This does not, however, mean that it can only be used in the cloud. Its modular architecture makes it possible to seamlessly integrate the software in existing IT landscapes with on-premise applications or other cloud-based applications and to operate it in a hybrid on-premise / cloud scenario.
OpenDXM GlobalX Cloud Service

Data protection and data security in the cloud infrastructure

OpenDXM GlobalX can be used on the cloud stacks of any provider. Unlike global players such as Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Telekom, however, smaller, local providers often offer better control over which data is stored and better protection against a government's right to demand that data be handed over, which is very broadly defined in some countries. PROSTEP therefore uses the highly secure cloud infrastructure provided by the DARZ data center ( in Darmstadt.

Easy-to-use, secure and stable data exchange

PROSTEP is now making its OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform available from the cloud. The world's leading solution for managed file transfer (MFT) makes it possible to exchange any data and documents between customers, suppliers and partners, regardless of the data volumes, source systems or formats involved. It can be used throughout the company even more flexibly for a wide variety of application scenarios from the cloud.