OpenCLM Simplifies Complexity in Modern Product Development Environments

Discover how OpenCLM can enable product development traceability, ensure compliance, and enhance decision making for competitive advantage. This platform delivers real-time insights, supports regulatory audits, and empowers you with analytics to foresee potential obstacles and opportunities, ultimately driving efficiency, innovation, and growth in your business landscape.

Leveraging OpenCLM’s comprehensive capabilities for transparency, traceability, and enhanced visibility across the product lifecycle, businesses can weave the digital thread across disparate systems. Support for heterogenous environments promotes informed, cross-domain product decisions.

Complete IT Integration of Lifecycle Management Tools

OpenCLM offers a comprehensive solution for managing the product development process with centralized data management, cross-domain collaboration, integration with existing systems, and compliance and security. Its multi-system traceability and cross-domain configuration lifecycle management allow you to track all product-related data throughout the entire product lifecycle, providing stakeholders with access to the latest product information for informed decision-making. This helps identify potential issues and bottlenecks in development processes, enabling timely corrective actions. OpenCLM also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and maintains up-to-date product data across the entire product development lifecycle. With OpenCLM, users can streamline their product development process, improve collaboration, and reduce development time.


Project Management

OpenCLM simplifies project management by providing a comprehensive, user-friendly interface with graphical representations for tracking tracking tasks, and milestones, defining roles, coordinating deliverables, tracking changes, and more across domains. Designed to support project managers, engineers, and quality managers, OpenCLM offers a snapshot of relevant information tailored to your needs, ensuring efficient progress tracking and effective decision-making.

Communicating Changes Across Domains

Change management and communication across domains are easy with OpenCLM as users are easily alerted to pertinent changes allowing you to notify impacted stakeholders. With a designated person responsible for each artifact and record of all users, OpenCLM ensures timely notifications for any alterations within product development. OpenCLM allows you to eliminate the uncertainty in product development by evaluating the potential effects, collaborating with users, and preventing unwarranted expenses and changes by foreseeing risks related to changes.

Enhanced Collaboration

OpenCLM fosters collaboration by facilitating the coordinated information exchange of engineering data directly or through standardized formats. This aids in the communication of data across organizations, company boundaries, and differing IT landscapes. The platform gives you the ability to assign responsibilities, tasks, and milestones, and effectively communicate with all parties using a single interface.

Digital Thread Software for Dynamic Connectivity

The OpenCLM platform is a web-based platform that seamlessly connects and traces information across domains within heterogeneous environments. The software generates the digital thread, ensuring accurate program status and essential project artifacts are readily accessible enterprise-wide.

Clear Visibility with OpenCLM’s Impact Analysis and Visualization

Capture and analyze project dependencies using OpenCLM, designed to provide clear and easy-to-understand graphical overviews. Filter relevant data and present intuitive graphics across domains allowing you to identify product components, compliance requirements, affected stakeholders, and more.

Harness the Power of Best-in-Breed Applications

Transitioning between systems can be challenging, often causing disruptions in product development. Because OpenCLM’s focus is on linking resources, it remains uninterrupted by such changes. Links are dynamically and effortlessly created behind the scenes, allowing users to continue working without interruption, and ensuring a smooth system switch for optimal productivity.

How OpenCLM Improves Your Digital Enterprise

Discover how OpenCLM can elevate your product lifecycle management processes.


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