PROSTEP builds Digital Twin in the ProProS Research Project

Modern shipbuilding - starting with shipbuilding prefabrication - is a logistical challenge. In order to maintain an overview right from the start and to be able to intervene on a daily basis, for example in the event of staff shortages, the Bremen-based Fr. Lürssen shipyard, the Machine Tool Laboratory (WZL) at RWTH Aachen University and PROSTEP AG have launched the ProProS research project.
PROSTEP SSI Conference 2019

Shipbuilding experts from PROSTEP on a grand voyage with OpenPDM SHIP

The shipbuilding experts at PROSTEP had a "hot" autumn with a wealth of events. Our new flagship product OpenPDM SHIP was always with us. The integration platform, which connects special applications for shipbuilding with classic mechanical CAD applications and common PDM/PLM and ERP systems via standardized connectors, attracted attention everywhere.

PROSTEP uses LeanIX for Sustainable PLM Strategy Consulting

PROSTEP has entered into a partnership with the manufacturer of the LeanIX enterprise architecture suite with the aim of providing customers with optimal advice on the development of their enterprise-wide PLM architectures. As a certified LeanIX partner, we can now offer our customers our proven methodology of capability-based strategy consulting in a model-based form, thus ensuring the sustainable management of their enterprise architecture (EAM).

SAMPL Becomes a Prime Example for the Industrial Use of the Blockchain

The Secure Additive Manufacturing Platform for the secure exchange of 3D print data, which PROSTEP has developed together with partners, is becoming a prime example of the industrial use of the blockchain. No matter where we present the results of the SAMPL project, the solution is very well received. At the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, we demonstrated how it can be used to print licensed spare parts for the Mars Rover.
PROSTEP SET Level 4to5

PROSTEP Participates in Funding Project on Autonomous Driving

PROSTEP is actively participating in key funding projects for the validation and verification of autonomous driving functions such as V&V and SET Level 4to5, which are of strategic importance for the digital transformation of the automotive industry. As the leading, vendor-independent PLM consulting and software company, we will support its partners from industry and the research community in the testing and industrialization of project results.
M. Kurt Saygin

Engineers Helping People Help Themselves

An interview with M. Kurt Saygin PROSTEP is a supporting member of Engineers Without Borders Germany (Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V. (IOG)). In an interview for the PROSTEP newsletter, M. Kurt Saygin, chairman of the organization's board, discussed the objectives and activities of the non-profit aid organization, which in recent years has implemented infrastructure projects in 30 countries together with local partners. The staff, which is mainly made up of volunteers, provides engineering-specific support that helps people help themselves. In development alliances, all participants face the challenge of efficiently coordinating their collaboration across various CAx and PLM systems. CONTACT Software and PROSTEP AG are therefore pooling their skills in the areas of IT, processes and methods in order to offer suitable solutions for different collaboration scenarios
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Stop Moaning and Shape the Digital Future

"There are so many ways to achieve happiness - one of them is to stop moaning," Albert Einstein once said. I am reminded of his bon mot almost daily when I open a newspaper. Germany likes to moan about the economic crisis, which is not (yet) an economic crisis, the political situation, climate change, etc. And when it comes to digitalization, focus tends to be placed on the risks it poses rather than the opportunities to enhance our competitiveness it offers. Moaning has never made the world a better place. Original article by Bernd Pätzold.
Industrie 4.0 Futuristic Processor Circuit Board Infographic

Integration 4.0 means linking, not replicating, data

"Integrate the Future" is PROSTEP's maxim, to which we remain committed. We have been involved with product data integration for over 25 years and during this time we have provided numerous big-name companies with advice and support when designing their integration-compatible PLM landscapes. Based on this experience, we have come to the conclusion that the current challenges posed by the digital transformation require a new approach to integration: linking data, not replicating it, is the order of the day.
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PROSTEP makes the OpenPDM architecture cloud-ready

Many companies are considering moving their PLM and ERP systems or parts of them to the cloud. To pave the way for them into the clouds, PROSTEP is enabling the use of its world's leading integration platform OpenPDM in hybrid cloud scenarios through a modular architecture and the use of microservices.

Theegarten-Pactec plans to speed up development with PLM

Theegarten-Pactec is the world’s leading manufacturer of continuous-motion packaging machines for confectionery, food and non-food products. In order to secure its market position, the Dresden-based company has decided to use PLM to speed up the development of new machines and its order-oriented design work. PROSTEP will be advising the company on the optimization of its PLM processes, requirements analysis and selection of the system.