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Automotive manufacturing and operations often require rapid re-configuration to support increased customization in product development. The faster a product design intent is communicated to the product line, the more efficient your production. However, effectively communicating design intent requires that you increase the integration of systems throughout your enterprise. Complex, large scale production environments with legacy systems and vendor specific technologies create challenges that are difficult to overcome.

PROSTEP provides automotive manufacturers with options to automate and optimize processes, leading to decreased company costs and increased competitive advantage.

Solutions for Automotive

  • Highly secure high speed data exchange between suppliers, vendors and manufacturers via OpenDXM GlobalX
  • Automotive PLM Integration, Migration and Collaboration via OpenPDM
  • Intelligent document creation with 3D PDF Technologies
  • Automotive PLM consulting services relating to supplier-manufacturer integration, long-term archiving (LTA), and all processes involved in PLM
  • Automotive PDM system introduction
  • Audotmotive PDM service relating to knowledge based engineering (KBE)
  • Automotive process chain optimization.
  • Expert automotive PDM solution in requirements gathering, variant management, functional safety and reliability and product data documentation.

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Automotive Success Story

Data Exchange on the Fast Track

Automotive manufacturer Porsche utilizes OpenDXM, the web-based data exchange platform from PROSTEP, to securely exchange large volumes of data with its suppliers.

Data Exchange on the Fast Track Success Story

Automotive Success Story

​A Guarantee for Secure Data Exchange in China

​PROSTEP implements a worldwide data exchange solution to connect over 300 partners within a global joint venture.

​A Guarantee for Secure Data Exchange in China Success Story