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Industry 4.0 on Product Life Cycle Development

Industry 4.0 is here, and it’s no secret that your business and product development processes will be affected. The Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Additive Manufacturing (AM) and other innovative technologies add more dimension and depth to the never-ending amounts of data produced by the industry. How will you effectively manage and use this data to enhance your product development processes? It’s important to know the answer to this question, because Industry 4.0 shows no signs of slowing down.


PROSTEP makes its OpenPDM Architecture Fit for the Cloud

PROSTEP, a PLM consulting and software company, offers companies wanting to move all or part of their PLM and ERP systems to the cloud and integrate them with each other a cloud-capable solution. Thanks to its modular architecture and the use of microservices, Version 9 and higher of the world’s leading OpenPDM solution can be used in hybrid cloud scenarios.


LeaderDogs for the Blind Gets Volunteer Assistance from PROSTEP

Rochester Hills, Michigan – August, 2019 – PROSTEP, the leading PLM integration specialist in the area of product data integration, moved away from their computers to give back to the community at Rochester Hill’s Leader Dogs for the Blind. The event, which provided Leader Dogs with all 15 PROSTEP employees was completed not only as a company team-builder but also a way to give back to the local community.


SIEMENS 3D PDF Powered by PDF Generator 3D

At Siemens Large Drives Applications, variance is a competitive advantage. The Siemens company manufactures heavy-duty electric motors and converters for industrial and special drives in batch sizes that tend toward one. With the help of PROSTEP’s PDF Generators 3D, the company is able to automatically provides its customers with the offer documents for their product configurations, including the 3D models, from the cloud.


Integration is Key to Digitalization: An Interview with PROSTEP’s Karsten Theis

With the appointment of Dr. Karsten Theis as a new member of the Executive Board, PROSTEP has initiated a generational change in management just in time for the company’s 25th anniversary. In an interview with the PROSTEP Newsletter, Theis explains how the PLM consulting and software company will position itself to be prepared for the challenges of the digital future. “We Integrate the Future” remains the company’s DNA.

In development alliances, all participants face the challenge of efficiently coordinating their collaboration across various CAx and PLM systems. CONTACT Software and PROSTEP AG are therefore pooling their skills in the areas of IT, processes and methods in order to offer suitable solutions for different collaboration scenarios


PROSTEP Outlines The Benefits of the Digital Vessel Twin

At this year’s Schiff&Hafen Maritim 4.0 conference, PROSTEP’s shipbuilding experts outlined the challenges faced when it comes to end-to-end digitalization in the maritime supply chain and the benefits of a digital vessel twin. The choice of topic for their presentation was a good one, as the event is primarily attended by shipping experts who are interested in optimizing their working fleet.


PROSTEP Shows Progress In NAPA Steel Integration

At this year’s NAPA User Meeting, the shipbuilding experts from PLM consulting and software house PROSTEP will explain the latest achievements with the seamless integration of the early steel design system NAPA Steel into the subsequent processes of basic and detail steel design as well as coordination.


PROSTEP presents NAPA-AVEVA integration at COMPIT

The PLM consulting and solutions company PROSTEP is sponsoring this year’s COMPIT (, which will take place from 25 to 27 March 2019 in Tullamore, Ireland. In addition, the CAD and PLM integration specialist will give a lecture at the international conference on Computer Applications and Information Technology in the Maritime Industry. The central topic will be the new NAPA-AVEVA interface and the associated improved possibilities it offers for the continuous integration of data and processes in shipbuilding.

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