PLM ERP MES Integration

PROSTEP is the leading platform to integrate PLM, MES, & ERP systems
by utilizing OpenPDM for a seamless transition.

What is PLM, ERP, MES Integration

Enterprise resource planning (ERP), product lifecycle management (PLM), and manufacturing execution systems (MES) are all parts of the traditional manufacturing business platform. Each system plays a specific role in company product reporting, development, and lifecycle. Integrating them together allows users to collect and read data seamlessly and in an efficient manner seamlessly.

How PLM, ERP, and MES Integration works

Integrating your PLM, MES, and ERP systems will allow you to optimize and gain control from every angle of your product lifecycle management. This integration allows you to analyze your data in a collaborative fashion and make the best decisions for your products

PLM ERP MES Integration

Utilizing OpenPDM for Integration 

PROSTEP’s OpenPDM is the industry-leading solution for consistent data synchronization between multiple systems. OpenPDM provides the end-to-end PLM processes you need to connect, monitor, and control your PLM data.

Configurable interfaces easily connect the most complex integrations and provide the import and export of CAD structures and PLM data with ERP and MES data and structures with limitless scalability. 

With OpenPDM, you can integrate and migrate product data through a variety of systems. PROSTEP’s integration and migration connectors enable you to easily manage your product data with both out-of-the-box and customized solutions for your use case.

OpenPDM features:

  • CAx Integration/Migration
  • SDM/ERP Integration/Migration
  • PLM/MES Integration/Migration
  • PDM/PLM Integration/Migration
  • OSLC, Web Services, STEP, XML, and other Integration/Migration Solutions

Partner Integrations

PROSTEP’s technological partnerships with leading PLM vendors such as Dassault, SIEMENS, PTC, IBM, SAP, iBaseT, Oracle, and others guarantee reliability when you integrate your systems.

Getting Started

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