Are you in search of a thorough PLM glossary to facilitate your comprehension of product lifecycle management? PROSTEP has recently released their PLM Glossary to aid you in achieving enhanced insight concerning the terminology and ideas associated with product lifecycle management. This glossary contains all aspects ranging from fundamental definitions to more intricate concepts, so that both experts and novices can become acquainted promptly. This PLM Glossary serves as an invaluable resource for anyone curious about understanding the realm of product lifecycle management.

PROSTEP’s PLM Glossary is a database that furnishes a comprehensive understanding of the contemporary industry terms within the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) field. It serves as an invaluable resource to those within this industry, ranging from engineers and designers all the way up to executives and IT professionals. Our glossary aims to unlock key concepts of product lifecycle management such as “change management”, “configuration management”, “data integration”, among many others and serves as a frequently asked questions (FAQ) as to how PROSTEP products and solutions are relevant to each term.

The database has been developed with the intention of enabling individuals from all backgrounds and levels of expertise in product lifecycle management to make use of it in an uncomplicated manner. Each entry consists not only of a definition for each term, but also its usage within various contexts that are found throughout the process involved when producing a product. This makes it manageable for people to swiftly comprehend how different trade words are applied in distinct situations over the course of item generation

The new PLM Glossary provided by PROSTEP offers an incomparable resource for both the experienced in product lifecycle management and those just beginning. Those searching will find locating precise definitions considerably faster than manually seeking them from extended lists or databases which may contain irrelevant information.

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