Adient Aerospace Leverages PROSTEP’s Data Exchange Solution OpenDXM GlobalX in the Cloud

Cloud-based applications can be used “as-is” without high initial investments, which makes them particularly interesting for start-ups or newly founded companies like Adient Aerospace. The manufacturer of aircraft seats, a joint venture between car seat manufacturer Adient and aircraft manufacturer The Boeing Company, recently began using PROSTEP’s leading data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model from the cloud.

Magna Blue Sky Organizes Data Exchange with OpenDXM GlobalX

Magna is developing intelligent next-generation electric vehicles for the Chinese market together with Beijing Electric Vehicle (BJEV), the electric car subsidiary of the Chinese carmaker BAIC. Magna Blue Sky, the name of the joint venture, uses PROSTEP’s OpenDXM GlobalX solution, in combination with the PLM solution Teamcenter, for the secure exchange of data with partners and suppliers.

Adient Aerospace Uses OpenDXM GlobalX From the Cloud

Cloud-based applications can be used out of the box without high initial investments. This is especially interesting for start-ups or newly founded companies like Adient Aerospace. The manufacturer of aircraft seats, a joint venture of automotive seat manufacturer Adient and aircraft manufacturer the Boeing Company, has recently started using the OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform as a SaaS model.

OpenDXM GlobalX from the Cloud: Secure Data Exchange with No Installation Effort

Companies in the automotive, mechanical, plant engineering, shipbuilding, and other industries must be able to seamlessly trace data communication with customers and suppliers while at the same time protecting their intellectual property. It is now possible for them to avoid the effort involved with installing and maintaining a suitable managed file transfer (MFT) solution. PROSTEP provides them with the OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform in a highly secure cloud environment, thus making secure data exchange available to an even larger group of users.

Convenient and secure data exchange from SAP ECTR

HBPO Secure Data Exchange

Integrating data exchange into the users’ working environment is the best way to ensure that they comply with data security and know-how protection rules. That’s why automotive supplier HBPO has integrated the OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform into SAP ECTR. In the future, it will be available not only for product developers, but also for other departments.

Strategic partnership for the 3D printing of spare parts

AMBrace PROSTEP Partnership

PROSTEP has entered into a strategic partnership with the Dutch technology company AMbrace, which is developing a service platform that makes it possible to 3D print spare parts. AMbrace will use our OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform to make 3D print data available in combination with SAMPL technology for the tamper-proof exchange of 3D printing licenses.

OpenDXM GlobalX offers new functions for CAD analysis

OpenDXM GlobalX CAD-Analysis

When exchanging CAD data, it is important to ensure the transfer of complete and valid assemblies, which might possibly be used for downstream operations such as conversion. PROSTEP has therefore expanded its OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform to include intelligent CAD analysis functions, which efficiently analyze and structure assemblies before they are transferred.

OSRAM Continental moves IT Infrastructure to the Cloud

As a young joint venture, OSRAM Continental took advantage of the opportunity this offered and moved its entire IT infrastructure to the cloud. This also applies to exchanging product data with customers and suppliers. This is where PROSTEP‘s OpenDXM GlobalX SaaS solution, which is also cloud-based, comes into play. The software provided support for almost all of the lighting specialist‘s use cases from the word go and also reduces the total cost of ownership. But first and foremost, the SaaS solution offers the flexibility required to respond quickly to new requirements.

PROSTEP invests in the future despite coronavirus


The year 2020 also posed a special Challenge on PROSTEP, which we have taken on. As experts in digitalization, we are digitally well-positioned by nature and were therefore able to respond quickly to the new situation together with our customers. The coronavirus pandemic also had an impact on our business, but we saw the crisis as an opportunity and have invested in the future. We explored new (research) topics, developed new products and recruited new staff. This gives us the boost we need to get the new year off to a good start.




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