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PROSTEP’s Dassault Systèmes integration platform allows your enterprise to integrate with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, making it seamless to get consistent, up-to-date data between cross vendor multi-domain data management systems all systems.

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Why Systems Integrations

PROSTEP enables integration between Dassault Systèmes and other vendor data management systems.  Engineering integration enabled by PROSTEP’s OpenPDM across departments and systems facilitates the exchange of data between all stakeholders.  

The Dassault integration services provided by PROSTEP include the integration for multiple 3DEXPERIENCE brands including CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA, and SIMULIA.  With support for integrating 3DEXPERIENCE technologies across cloud and on-premise environments.

Technical Details

Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Integration

PROSTEP provides 3DEXPERIENCE users OpenPDM integration with Aras Innovator, Oracle Primavera, PTC Windchill, SAP, and Siemens Teamcenter.  PROSTEP’s connector for 3DEXPERIENCE integration leverages the Java RMI MCS connector, XPDM adapter, and REST connector.

These solutions from PROSTEP form the basis of digital thread digital twin integration to provide Dassault Systèmes users:

  • Integration for bi-directional exchange of data including parts, BOM, CAD, documents, changes, configuration, and more
  • Migration for the decommissioning of systems while consolidating data all at once (big-bang migration) or over time (co-existence)
  • Federation for creating intelligent, traceable links between systems to give you real-time access to data managed in other systems

Catia V6 xPDM Adapter for Windchill, Teamcenter, and SAP

PROSTEP’s OpenPDM connector for 3DEXPERIENCE is a bi-directional, process-driven synchronization of Bill of Materials & Product Structures Data. 

The capabilities of OpenPDM for 3DEXPERIENCE: 

  • V6 xPDM Teamcenter Adapter
  • OpenDXM 3DEXPERIENCE Integration
  • 3DEXPERIENCE Aras Innovator Adapter
  • V6 xPDM SAP Adapter
  • V6 xPDM PTC Windchill Adapter
  • OpenPDM 3DEXPERIENCE Primavera Integration
  • V6 xPDM SimManager Adapter
  • EXALEAD (coming soon)
  • Contact PROSTEP for a full updated listing.

OpenPDM Connectors with Dassault 3DExperience

OpenPDM allows for the integration and connectors to make it possible to implement digital thread into the 3DEXPERIENCEplatform. This allows users to have consistent & always up-to-date data across the entire system. 

Because OpenPDM’s powerful connectors allow for the mapping to and from the source system. This means you no longer will have any data loss while using the digital thread. OpenPDM supports read/write functions for all objects, attributes, relations, and files connected in the systems.

Supported operations include:

  • Query objects
  • Create/Read/Update/Delete Business objects
  • Create/Read/Update/Delete Relationships
  • Check-In / Check-Out
  • Login / Logout from the backend
  • Transactions
  • Execute Transitions (change lifecycle states)
  • Execute Workflows
  • Modify Ownership/Security/Projects, etc.
  • Download / Upload / Delete Files
  • Bulk operational methods

Explore the Leading Product Suite for PLM System Integration

PROSTEP’s industry-leading products allow you to connect additional systems to optimize your product development processes leading to enhanced collaboration, improved efficiency, and flexibility and scalability using your best-in-breed applications. In addition to 3DEXPERIENCE integration, OpenPDM by PROSTEP also supports the following systems.

Connectors include but are not limited to:

  • Aras Corp – Aras Innovator
  • Arena/PTC – Arena PLM
  • Atlassian – Jira
  • AVEVA – AVEVA Marine
  • Cadmatic – CADMATIC
  • Contact – Contact Elements / CDB
  • Dassault Systèmes – 3DEXPERIENCE
  • Dassault Systèmes – Cameo Modeler
  • Dassault Systèmes – Exalead
  • Dassault Systèmes – SmarTeam
  • Various – GIT
  • Hexagon – Nestix
  • IBM – Rational Team Concert
  • ILC Solutions – 4PEP PLM
  • MongoDB – MongoDB
  • Napa – Napa
  • Oracle – Agile e6
  • Oracle – Primavera P6
  • PTC – Windchill
  • PTC – Windchill RV&S (Integrity LM)
  • PTC – Thingworx
  • Siemens PLM – Teamcenter
  • Siemens PLM – Polarion
  • SSI – Ship Constructor
  • Trimble – Nova

OpenPDM Architecture

Architecture: OpenPDM supports a micro-service-oriented architecture where every service can run standalone or in combination with one another. These services can be integrated into any process or engine.

Export/Import Worker: OpenPDM logic is part of the connector service and allows a boost in performance by reducing HTTP calls and direct access to backend-specific API.

Mapping: OpenPDM can work standalone or integrated into any other service, supporting XML, Java, and Groovy mapping variants. New variants can easily be integrated.

OpenPDM has a distributed architecture based on microservices utilizing the OpenPDM Unified Component Architecture. Versioned PLM data (metadata, structures, and files) are handled by RESTful interfaces. Our business process engine uses the popular BPMN solution Camunda and is specialized to handle semantical data.

Download the OpenPDM Datasheet

OpenPDM Datasheet

OpenPDM Datasheet

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Selected integration demos (click to open):

SAP and CATIA V6 Integration

Windchill and CATIA V6 Integration

Teamcenter and CATIA V6 Integration – Product Synchronization

Windchill Workgroup Manager & CATIA V6 XPDM Integration

Selected presentations:

Building the Digital Thread with 3DEXPERIENCE and Other Systems

3DEXPERIENCE Interoperability

Adoption and Challenges of Model Based Design with 3DEXPERIENCE

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