B2B Data Exchange with Managed File Transfer

B2B Data Exchange with Managed File Transfer with OpenDXM GlobalX

As the business or technical leader in your organization, you are most likely aware that your company’s ability to collaborate and share data is key to successful business growth. However, integrating and exchanging data from disparate systems can be quite a challenge for an array of reasons.

Your work involves different technologies and a variety of processes and people, all accustomed to their existing workflows.

  • Not only do you have to keep up with changing technology, but also with global factors moving you to share data remotely with users in a variety of silos.
  • Data exchange must include system and business value know-how, and therefore your technical IT team needs to understand different data formats along with best practices, multi-enterprise data integration.
  • You may face exponential growth of data from a variety of sources. Your organization needs a strategy to proactively integrate, manage and understand when your data is ready for long-term archiving and retrieval (LOTAR)
  • Your system users will often take the path of least resistance and choose to exchange data by unsecure means such as email or ‘drop-box’ like solutions.

These challenges coupled with your vision of future collaboration and data exchange lead to the following question: Have you considered an appropriate solution for B2B data exchange and partner integration?


OpenDXM GlobalX is Your B2B Data Exchange Platform for Enterprise and Managed File Transfer

Encompassing solutions for partners, vendors and supplier integration, OpenDXM GlobalX is a managed file transfer platform that allows you to exchange all your data easily, securely and reliably. OpenDXM GlobalX addresses all the challenges listed above and permits you to move your data without stress or concern.

OpenDXM GlobalX takes the challenge out of B2B Data Exchange by:

  • Optimizing your workflow by letting you exchange data through web browser, MS Outlook integration, iPhone app or integrated into your PLM system
  • Saving you time and sending GB’s of data within minutes by using multi-thread technology (parallel transfer of data via multiple channels) and data blocks are transferred 2X to 3X times faster than standard HTTPS protocol
  • Giving you easy onboarding with email-based secure data exchange where no current workflow practices are changed, users require ZERO training and data is encrypted before transport outside of enterprise
  • Benefitting your IT infrastructure with no data load on mail server
  • Providing you with secure data exchange through Windows Desktop integration, which is as easy as ‘drag and drop’ CAD files to a secure workspace that works like a shared drive, allowing you to share files with a team without an external client
  • Giving you even more ways to send CAD files or other intellectual property with Windows “send to” client so that you AVOID logging into extra applications for secure data exchange

Here’s what you get with the OpenDXM GlobalX Free Trial:

PROSTEP provides the software and infrastructure and assumes responsibility for operating the service.

  • All you and your data exchange partners need is a browser and Internet access.
  • Communication takes place via an SSL-encrypted connection and all documents are subject to additional encryption during transfer and storage.
  • You can set up a maximum of 10 users. These can be users from your own company or users working at your data exchange partners.
  • 5 gigabytes of storage space is available per user for data exchange.
  • The free cloud service can be used for an unlimited period of time.
  • You will receive one-on-one instruction on how to set up your data exchange partners in the system.
  • You can upgrade to the fee-based cloud service at any time should you want to add more users.

Learn more about OpenDXM GlobalX here.


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