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Solutions​ for Aerospace Transformation

The development environment in the Aerospace and Defense industry is highly complex. Complicated product development cycles make things even more involved and require management and support by only the most qualified software experts.

PROSTEP provides aircraft manufacturers and suppliers with solutions to automate and optimize processes. Optimized processes lead to lower costs and increased competitive abilities.

Solutions for Aerospace

  • Highly secure high speed data exchange between suppliers, vendors and manufacturers via OpenDXM GlobalX
  • Aerospace PLM Integration, Migration and Collaboration via OpenPDM
  • Intelligent document creation with 3D PDF Technologies
  • ​Aerospace PLM consulting services relating to supplier-manufacturer integration, long-term archiving (LTA), and all processes involved in PLM
  • Aerospace PDM system introduction
  • Aerospace PDM service relating to knowledge based engineering (KBE)
  • Aerospace process chain optimization.
  • Services and solutions for intellectual property protection (IPP)

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