OpenDXM GlobalX is a secure data exchange platform that helps you integrate development partners, suppliers and joint ventures without the risk of IP theft.

Recent studies suggest that more than 80% of your development services are performed by external partners. If your workforce consists of multiple partners and global vendors, why wouldn’t you have a secure data exchange platform?

How can OpenDXM GlobalX help?

​OpenDXM GlobalX is ​your secure engineering data exchange​ platform with:

  • managed-file-transfer for all types of and sizes of documents in all divisions
  • all over data security with end-to-end encryption with enforcement of corporate compliance
  • integrated process engine for fully automated file processing from application to application (A2A)

Why Use OpenDXM GlobalX?

Secure exchange needs to be both simple and easy to access. End users dislike complicated multi-step processes, and they will often forego a secure exchange altogether if it seems like too much work. This leaves your data vulnerable and exposed. PROSTEP addresses this issue by providing several user interface options to choose from for convenient and secure data exchange. Multiple integration scenarios:

  • Outlook Integration
    • Data exchange with Outlook integration makes it easy for you to send and receive files no matter if the size is 1GB or more than 100 GB! Your files are automatically encrypted allowing for maximum security.
  • Windows “Send to” Integration
    • Wouldn’t it be easy to share data – even CAD data – just by dragging and dropping? The Windows “send to” integration allows for just that by sending any amount of data in encrypted and traceable form.
  • Web Browser Integration
    • Data exchange so easy to operate that you can use it with the most common web browsers without any special training. This means no client software minimizing operating costs and no need for support.
  • Integrated into your IT Infrastructure
    • Our simple, ready to use integration components are available for different PLM, ERP and office systems. Other systems are quickly integrated with OpenDXM GlobalX via web services.

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