Extend ​Your Capabilities ​with a Comprehensive and Sustainable PLM Strategy

​With 25+ years of consulting experience and over 250 employees in 9 locations, PROSTEP has the industry know-how, experience and technological partnerships to improve your PLM Strategy.


​PLM Strategy and Consulting

Is Your PLM Strategy Viable for the Future​?

​Are you prepared for newer, faster applications and continued digital transformation ​? Will your systems and architecture scale to fit changing technologies like Industry 4.0 and blockchain?

​How do I Ensure Future PLM Success?

​​We work within a global economy, so joint ventures, divestitures and other long term development scenarios are inevitable​. ​Manufacturers, suppliers and vendors​ are located across the globe, ​ challenging your interoperability, communication and security. To be effective and stay ahead in today's marketplace, you need the proper t​ool sets, expertise and industry know-how.

​Why PROSTEP Strategy and Consulting?

  • ​PROSTEP, ​a vendor-neutral PLM consultant, has developed​ solutions in cooperation with Dassault, SIEMENS, PTC, ARENA and other leading vendors. PROSTEP works with numerous vendors to make certain that our solutions are applicable and reliable across the board.
  • ​PROSTEP’s consulting strengths lie in our years of experience and our highly qualified employees. ​
  • ​PROSTEP provides an extensive toolbox of methods, templates and best practices for the expedient handling of a project.

​Together we are stronger.  ​You can employ PROSTEP’s ​strengths in:


Concepts and Solution Architecture:

  • PLM Architecture and Processes
    • Benchmark and ROI-Analysis
    • PLM Landscape and Complexity Mgt.
    • PLM Process and System Integration
  • PLM for IoT and Industry 4.0 Solutions
    • Digital Master / Digital Twin
  • Model Based Enterprise
    • 3D Master / Systems Engineering
  • Cross-Company PLM
    • PLM for Mergers and Acquisitions
    • PLM for Joint Ventures
    • Partner and Supply Chain Integration

​Implementation of IT and Process

  • PLM Migration and PLM Integration
  • PLM Realization and Roll-Out
    • Agile PLM Implementation and Introduction (Focus (TC, WT, 3D Exp.)
    • PLM Process and Method
    • Individual Software Development
  • Technical Data Package
    • ​LZA, TDP, 3D Master
  • PLM  Collaboration
    • Automated PLM Data Supply
    • PDM and CAx Data Exchange

​Frequently Asked Questions?

  • How do we integrate PLM, ALM, MES, and ERP?
  • What are some multi-ERP enterprise and PLM - ERP integration methodologies?
  • How do you move from PDM to PLM?
  • How do we integrate OEM customers for direct exchange between PLM systems?
  • What's best practice for enterprise scale PLM deployment?
  • How do you integrate diverse toolsets?
  • What are some PLM and smart factory initiatives?
  • How do we get PLM consolidation into 1 PLM process and system?
  • What are best practices for upgrading PLM system?

Our experts can help.  Contact PROSTEP for a discussion. 


  • ​Over 25 Years of Experience in PLM
  • 250+ Employees
  • 9 Locations Worldwide
  • Top Shareholders
    • ​BOSCH
    • DELPHI
    • ​SIEMENS
    • ​OPEL

Our experts can help.  Contact PROSTEP for a discussion. 

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​PLM, Secure Data Exchange and 3D PDF Solutions from PROSTEP


​White​ Paper

The ​Challenges of PLM Collaboration

This white paper explores large scale corporations and joint-ventures that need proper mechanisms in place for accurate data exchange.  It also highlights the importance of collaboration tools that can be configured flexibly.

The ​Challenges of PLM Collaboration White Paper

​White​ Paper

​Collaboration Scenarios in the Context of PLM

This white paper describes collaboration requirements and offers approaches for designing processes more efficiently.

PLM Collaboration Scenarios

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