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PROSTEP is the leading vendor-neutral software and consulting company assisting you with all aspects of product lifecycle management (PLM).

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PROSTEP INC, the fastest growing PLM solutions, systems integration, and migration consultant in the North American region for the discrete manufacturing industry, is the wholly-owned subsidiary of leading global parent company PROSTEP AG.

Conveniently situated in the US automotive industry hub, Troy, MI, PROSTEP provides PLM solutions across industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Shipbuilding, and other manufacturing.

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The leading platform for PLM Integration, Migration and Collaboration
Industry Leading Enterprise Data Exchange
3D PDF and HTML5
Data Traceability and Linking from Different Source Systems

Product Life Cycle Management Solutions

PLM Integration

Easily integrate any system with vendor-neutral connectors to integrate with the top PLM, PDM, ERP, and legacy systems giving your optimized data flow and collaboration for your product development.

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PLM Migration

Get the full power of optimized data migration, streamlined for superior speed, security, and data fidelity between one or more systems. The leading migration platform specially built to help you securely move data to your target system.

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PLM Collaboration

The exclusive platform is built to give you automatic availability and synchronization of CAD and PLM data in joint ventures and other collaboration scenarios.

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Secure Data Exchange

The B2B Secure Data Exchange solution from PROSTEP is the most accessible, most secure, and reliable way to securely exchange data across company boundaries providing maximum protection for your intellectual property.

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Digital Twin

Combining virtual and physical worlds comes together with PROSTEP digital twin solutions targeted to assist in giving you the availability to quickly view processes, models, products, and more in digital form. The integration platform provides you with real-time data flow from other PLM, ALM, or IoT systems.

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Digital Thread

Interoperability, integration, and traceability between different systems are critical components towards establishing a ‘digital thread.’ Get integrated and easily accessed information between PLM, ERP, and design systems allowing you to synchronize data communication across all networks providing optimized manufacturing processes.

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Data Visualization

Digitally transform your enterprise using paperless or drawing-free provision of all kinds of information leveraging 3D PDF technology or HTML5. Quickly merge 3D models from any CAD system and 2D documents with metadata from your PLM and ERP so you can quickly view them with the free Adobe Reader.

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PLM Consulting and Strategy

The introduction of new technologies, economic conditions, and evolving business models are challenges companies must overcome to thrive in an ever-changing market. With over 25+ years of experience, PROSTEP leads the field in advising top companies in developing PLM strategies, define PLM infrastructure, select systems and optimize and integrate their processes.

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