The longstanding partnership between PROSTEP and Tetra4D brings together a multitude of solutions for clients in a variety of use case scenarios. PROSTEP provides a wealth of expertise and knowledge in PLM integration while Tetra4D provides expertise in converting 3D geometry formats. PROSTEP is an authorized reseller of Tetra4D products. Please find descriptions of your potential solutions below.

Tetra4D software gives you 3D PDF Solutions to Convert, Create, and Enhance 3D PDFs with Tetra4D Converter, Tetra4D Enrich, and Tetra4D Automate

Tetra4D Converter

Tetra4D Converter (client solution – convert CADx to 3D PDFs) – Tetra4D Converter visualizes your product data information by converting your 3D CAD data into the universal 3D PDF format without the use of a CAD system. You can open it anywhere using the free Adobe reader. Tetra4D Converter allows you to accurately convert 3D data from the latest versions of CATIA, Pro/E, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor®, and all other major CAD applications to 3D PDF directly inside Adobe Acrobat. Further, you can export precise geometric 3D CAD data to STEP, IGES, JT, STL, and Parasolid from all major CAD formats for use in downstream applications. With Tetra4D Converter, you can convert native 3D CAD files into interactive 3D PDFs. It supports assembly structure, precise geometry (B-Rep), Product Manufacturing Information (PMI), and CAD attributes. You will be able to translate CAD data to neutral formats (STEP, JT, etc.).

Tetra4D Enrich

Tetra Enrich

Tetra4D Enrich (client solution – convert CADx to 3D PDFs and build custom 3D PDF templates) – Tetra4D Enrich allows anyone to create data-rich, interactive 3D PDFs inside of Adobe® Acrobat® Pro without the need for any programming expertise. With Tetra4D Enrich, you can share 3D CAD models and product data with anyone in your enterprise, including non-CAD users. Tetra4D Enrich is a plug-in to Adobe Acrobat Pro that shares CAD with interactivity using reusable, customized 3D PDF templates. Use cases include design reviews, sales and marketing presentations, parts catalogs, work instructions, technical data packages, engineering data release, design change notifications, RFPs and many more.

Tetra4D Automate

Tetra4D Automate is a simple server solution that enables you to generate interactive 3D PDF documents from PDM/PLM systems or your internal network. If you have a high volume of CAD files and you need an easier way to address communicating and sharing this data inside and outside your network, Tetra4D Automate is your solution. It allows you to easily deliver data to your users with far less IT effort. With support for over 20 CAD formats with full support of assembly structure, PMI, views and CAD attributes, Tetra4D Automates also integrates with leading PDM/PLM, ERP or other networks.

Tetra4D in 3 Minutes

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