Accelerating New Developments for OpenPDM SHIP

During the last year, PROSTEP gave a boost to the development of the OpenPDM SHIP integration platform. The functionality was expanded in several areas, such as interfaces with CADMATIC and ShipConstructor or NAPA and NESTIX conversions. Continuous development of expertise in shipbuilding-specific software solutions remained high on our agenda.

Potentials and Challenges for the Digital Twin in the Shipbuilding Industry – Survey

Whitepaper - Potentials and Challenges for the Digital Twin in the Shipbuilding Industry

Everyone is talking about the digital twin – even in the shipbuilding industry. But is there something like an industry-wide understanding of what companies in the maritime industry mean by the term ‘digital twin’ and what they expect from it? To find out, PROSTEP conducted a cross-enterprise survey of shipyards, owners, suppliers and classification societies. Due to the novelty of the topic, we assumed that companies have different ideas about the digital twin. In many cases, it is indeed still considered a vision or a marketing buzzword. But there were also positive opinions: “We shouldn’t let ourselves be intimidated by the novelty of the topic. Many things already represent the ‘state of the art’ and can be used for innovation,” said a shipyard representative. At companies already implementing their first digital twin projects, the level of maturity of these projects varies widely. A key finding of the survey is that better collaboration between all the parties involved in developing and using digital twins would be desirable, but the uniform standards needed to achieve this are lacking.

PROSTEP as a Partner for AGILE PLM Development


Companies in the manufacturing industry face the challenge of responding flexibly to new market and customer requirements. Their IT organizations and PLM landscapes must also meet this challenge. More and more companies are therefore adopting agile approaches and need development partners with the relevant expertise.

This white paper describes how PROSTEP supports them in the use of agile methods in the PLM environment.

PROSTEP survey on the digital twin in shipbuilding

PROSTEP Digital Twin Shipbuilding

Although there is already a large number of projects involving digital twins under way in the maritime industry, there is no common industry-wide understanding of what a digital twin is and no uniform approach to implementation. These are the results of a survey on the digital twin conducted by PROSTEP among shipyards, operators, suppliers and classification societies.

Successful launch of SHIPBUILDING PLM INSIGHTS series

PROSTEP Shipbuilding PLM Insights

PROSTEP’s new series on SHIPBUILDING PLM INSIGHTS was launched on March 16. It was a successful start to the series: Around 150 participants watched the first episode, which focused on the added value of PDM and PLM for users of shipbuilding-specific CAD systems. In addition, our shipbuilding experts explained how shipyards can rebuild their PLM architectures more effectively.

Save the date: 16th March 2021 – We look forward to meeting you!

Digitalization Makes PLM a Top Priority

PROSTEP Digitalization PLM

Many companies have recognized the leading role of PLM for their digitalization initiatives and are faced with the question of whether their existing system landscape is suitable for the challenges of digital transformation. Before
they decide on a new PLM application, they should first gain clarity about what PLM capabilities they will need in
the future. PROSTEP helps them analyze their PLM maturity level and define a sustainable PLM strategy.

Configuration Lifecycle Management Solution for Developing and Operating Smart Products

OpenCLM White Paper

The increasing digitalization of products and services, the volatility and uncertainty of today’s business environment, the need for more product and service diversification (until lot size one), the growing social and ecological demand for sustainability, and, last but not least, the ever-present requirements related to shortening innovation cycles and meeting international and market-specific regulations are among the key drivers for today‘s companies in a wide range of different industries.


PROSTEP Shipbuilding PLM Insights

“PROSTEP SHIPBUILDING PLM INSIGHTS” is a series of online sessions to illustrate our findings to the various challenges shipyards today encounter worldwide in their efforts to increase model based development, collaboration and traceability in their ship development processes.

Save the date: 16th March 2021 – We look forward to meeting you!

Capability-Based Consulting for Sustainable PLM Architecture

PROSTEP White Paper - Capability Based Consulting for Sustainable PLM Architecture

There is a great deal of uncertainty in industry when it comes to the future viability of their current PLM infrastructures. Companies that recognize the importance of PLM for the digitalization of their business processes in particular are wondering whether they and their existing PLM solutions are in a position to cope with the digital transformation. In order to be able to respond flexibly to new business requirements, they need adaptable modular PLM architectures that can easily be integrated in their existing IT landscapes and which can quickly be expanded to include additional modules as required. At the same time, these architectures must support new concepts for data linking to ensure the traceability of product data across all the architecture components.

MEYER Group and PROSTEP evaluate standard PLM capabilities for the shipbuilding industry

Meyer Group and PROSTEP

The MEYER Group is capable of supporting most of the drawing management related processes with ENOVIA’s standard functionalities. This is the most important finding of a comprehensive proof of concept (PoC) that PROSTEP’s shipbuilding experts carried out for the shipyard. MEYER intends to reduce the time and effort required for customization and updates by using a more standardized PLM solution.




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