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Connect two PLM systems with OpenPDM Connect

Do you need to coordinate complex product structures, individual parts, BOMs and documents? OpenPDM Connect easily synchronizes product data for faster and more accurate development.

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PLM Connection

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Do you need a PLM PLM connection?

OpenPDM Connect

A reliable method for connecting two digital PLM systems is vital when managing a complex product development process.

PLM to PLM connection can be a challenge, especially when each PLM is from a different vendor. It is crucial to have the right skills and toolsets when synchronizing individual parts, BOMs, documents and complex product structures with version and metadata status.

Whatever your specific use case, OpenPDM Connect allows you to connect PLM PLM systems to enable:

  • Integration of business processes
  • Integrity of data and reliability
  • Enterprise-wide consistent data
  • Flexibility and quick implementation

Further, PROSTEP’s partnerships with leading PLM vendors such as Dassault, PTC, SIEMENS, ARENA and others ensure reliable, proven PLM to PLM solutions.

Connect Two PLM System with OpenPDM Connect

OpenPDM Connect Is the Easiest Way to Connect Two PLM Systems

OpenPDM Connect is the PLM to PLM connection framework built on PROSTEP’s OpenPDM solution. OpenPDM is a vendor neutral solution, connecting product data to streamline your product development processes. OpenPDM Connect allows you to connect not only individual parts, BOMs and documents to be exchanged between the connected PLM systems but also complex product structures, without any need for customizing. The versions and status of the metadata are automatically synchronized and logged.

OpenPDM Connect allows for the following systems to be connected:

  • CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE (CATIA V6) with Windchill, Teamcenter or SAP
  • DELMIA 3DEXPERIENCE (DELMIA V6) with Windchill or Teamcenter
  • SAP with Teamcenter, Windchill or 3DEXPERIENCE

This list is subject to ongoing expansion, contact PROSTEP for the most updated connections.

OpenPDM Connect

6 Reasons Why You Would Use OpenPDM Connect

1. Integration of Your Business Processes

OpenPDM Connect gives you seamless integration of your PDM/PLM and ERP systems by automatically synchronizing BOMs (eBOMs and mBOMs) and their processing status

2. Integrity of Data and Reliability

OpenPDM Connect’s reliability and the automated processes guarantee smooth operation twenty-four hours a day and ensure end-to-end information flows.

3. Consistent Data in Different Disciplines

OpenPDM Connect avoids time-consuming and error-prone data maintenance and thus ensures that consistent data is available to the different disciplines within a company.

4. Update Capability Thanks to Official Interfaces

OpenPDM Connect uses the official interfaces of the PLM and ERP systems to be connected. This means that no system-specific adaptations are necessary when updating the PLM systems.

5. Flexibility and investment protection

OpenPDM Connect’s scalability and adaptability offer you a high level of flexibility. OpenPDM CONNECT is subject to ongoing further development and thus guarantees the level of investment protection required for business-critical processes.

6. Low Implementation and Operational Overhead

Thanks to its preconfigured settings and functions, OpenPDM Connect can quickly be installed and used efficiently in existing PLM landscapes. This means that both investment and operating costs are comparatively low.

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