Shipbuilding PLM Solutions

With the development of large industrial auto or aerospace items, the process of successfully building a cruise or industrial ship is highly complex and often involves multiple vendors and suppliers. Like other global industries, inefficient communication and data exchange persist in the world of shipbuilding.

A number of companies still use outdated 2-D drawings to communicate complex product information. Outdated processes are subject to human error and often increase the time spent coordinating information. How can you ensure your CAD and PDM/PLM systems communicate effectively? How can you safeguard your processes and keep a continuous, updated data flow throughout your enterprise? You need a digital platform that optimizes processes and facilitates end-to-end digitization.

You need to standardize the data flow between CAD and PDM/PLM systems and collaborate efficiently with other companies. PROSTEP provides shipbuilding companies with options for automating and optimizing processes, allowing for lower company costs and increased competitive advantage.

Shipbuilding PLM Collaboration

How do you take your current shipbuilding product development processes and optimize them for faster, more efficient development and collaboration? Collaboration across siloed departments as well as down supply chain is necessary for optimized product development. When you have solutions to answer the challenges of data interoperability, data transfer and 3D model collaboration, your processes become optimized. In turn, your costs decease while you increase competitive advantage in today’s changing technology landscape. If you’re in the aerospace PLM space and are looking for ways to automate and optimize your processes with your partners, vendors and suppliers, PROSTEP products and solutions are built for you.

  • Highly secure high speed data exchange between suppliers, vendors and manufacturers via OpenDXM GlobalX
  • Shipbuilding PLM Integration, Migration and Collaboration via OpenPDM
  • Intelligent document creation with 3D PDF Technologies
  • Shipbuilding PLM consulting services for supplier-manufacturer integration, long-term archiving (LTA), and all processes involved in PLM


OpenPDM SHIP is the integration platform that uses standardized connectors to connect shipbuilding-specific development systems with each other, with all the leading PDM/ PLM, ERP and MES systems as well as with mechanical CAD applications.

With OpenPDM SHIP, end-to-end digital processes in the shipbuilding and shipping industries can be acquired.


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