Exalead OnePart Integration

Extending Exalead OnePart Search to Other PLM Systems (Teamcenter, Windchill, SAP PLM)

The pace of technology can quickly change supply chain manufacturing (IoT, blockchain, etc.), but current global factors are pushing change to happen at an unprecedented rate. From the challenges of remote working and collaboration to staying in touch and keeping a sense of ‘normality’, all aspects of our daily work routines have been affected.

On a grander scale, disruptions in the supply chain lead to uncertain times and force some businesses to see spikes in demand while others see dramatic loss. As a company, you continually ask the question: do you keep producing products or not?

As businesses struggle to keep afloat, leadership may look towards mergers, acquisitions and/or divestitures. These scenarios play a vital role in your supply chain.

Challenges of Sharing Product Data from Merger, Acquisitions or Divestiture

Data integration and migration from disparate systems takes time, money and strategic know how. As with many integration/migration projects, your ultimate success relies heavily on how well you’ve defined not just your requirements, but also your deliverables, milestones and project plan.

One of the biggest challenge engineers face is design reuse. In most cases engineers work with partial or a complete design where design rationale is not understood nor recorded with a formal, standardized process.

Exalead is a search engine from Dassault that aggregates data sets from various systems, giving you a complete view of your systems and business processes. Not only are all your documents indexed with metadata, but the search returns results based on 3D shapes.

Says Director of Technical Presales at PROSTEP INC, Brian Schouten,

“…Exalead OnePart acts as a Global Enterprise Federated Search. This enables designers and engineers to find reusable parts from multiple sources.
As a result, when an engineer finds a similar part, they can avoid added costs and save time reusing existing models.
This way, your model acts as the Single Source of Truth (SSOT) to help production and collaboration between all departments.”

With uncertainty for many manufacturing companies on the near horizon, it’s easy to see how leveraging the searchable database provided by Exalead OnePart can be of great benefit. The changing economy shows you how fast company mergers, acquisitions or divestitures can occur.

When such business events happen, companies are faced with data from multiple and legacy systems that must be indexed and sorted to create new/updated parts. Exalead OnePart helps to reduce the number of parts, simplify parts for procurement and sets standardization for parts in the database.

What if you need data in other systems?

Extending Exalead to other PLM Systems with PROSTEP’s OnePart2PLM Exalead Connector

Longtime Dassault technology partners, PROSTEP, have given you the ability to integrate OnePart with various PLM systems. Building on 25+ years of experience in product data integration, PROSTEP OpenPDM provides the base integration application to connect SIEMENS Teamcenter, Windchill and SAP PLM to Exalead Onepart.

With PROSTEP’s OnePart2PLM Exalead connector,

  • No customization in PLM system needed to run OpenPDM
  • OpenPDM is run independent of your PLM and will not vie for resources
  • OpenPDM gives you out-of-the-box features and functionalities
  • OpenPDM adapts to your integration requirements and processes

PROSTEP finds 3 initial Use Cases for OnePart2PLM Exalead Connector

Use Case 1: Accessing data from Teamcenter, Windchill or SAP PLM to Exalead OnePart with Initial Load

  1. In scenario initial product synchronization is defined based on a list where OpenPDM reads the list and performs a query within the given PLM system
  2. From here, OpenPDM then exports the data and maps the processes and metadata to Exalead OnePart
  3. OpenPDM provides the mapped and converted data to Exalead OnePart for indexing
  4. Users can now search the part with an updated list from the PLM system

Use Case 2: Accessing data from Teamcenter, Windchill, or SAP PLM to Exalead OnePart with an Interval Load (ex. Every 24 hours)

  1. OpenPDM is triggered in defined timed intervals to perform a query in the given PLM system searching for new and changed parts based on a saved query.
  2. OpenPDM exports meta data and the CAD files and processes the data to Exalead Onepart
  3. Exalead OnePart indexes the data
  4. Users can now search the part with an updated list from the PLM system

Use Case 3 (optional): Accessing data initiated in OnePart to a PLM system (Teamcenter, Windchill or SAP PLM)

  1. Here your users work in Exalead OnePart and requests an update
  2. OpenPDM is triggered and performs and update query in your PLM system
  3. OpenPDM processes the meta data and maps the information to Exalead OnePart
  4. Exalead OnePart indexes the data
  5. Users can now search the part within Exalead OnePart





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