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OpenPDM is the industry leading solution for synchronizing and migrating PLM data and processes between any number of domains that improves the integration of your heterogeneous IT landscape, replaces obsolete PLM systems without any loss of information, and integrates external development partners.

OpenPDM is the most comprehensive solution that incorporates various PLM vendors and solves the challenges of data interoperability, collaboration and security.

Think of a puzzle  that’s missing the piece designed to connect product data between systems.  OpenPDM is that connection.

PROSTEP’s OpenPDM connects various systems to support your internal and external integration tasks. OpenPDM is the missing link that connects and enables cross-domain and interdisciplinary integration in almost every domain and discipline.

Why ‘OPEN’ in OpenPDM? 

OpenPDM was created to openly connect to virtually any system. With 25+ years of experience and strong technical partnerships, PROSTEP builds solutions to enable system interoperability and collaboration.

The following PROSTEP solutions guarantee successful implementation of your project:

  • OpenPDM CCenter

OpenPDM Connect

OpenPDM Connect

Do you need to ​coordinate complex product structures, individual parts, BOMs and documents and metadata between two systems? OpenPDM Connect is an industry standard, highly reliable method to connect two digital PLM systems when managing complex product development processes. When you need a solution to synchronize individual parts, BOMs, documents and complex product structures with version and metadata status, OpenPDM Connect is the answer. Whatever your specific use case, OpenPDM Connect allows you to connect two PLM systems, enabling:

  • integration of business processes
  • integrity of data and high reliability
  • enterprise-wide consistent and up-to-date data
  • flexibility and quick implementation

OpenPDM ​Connect is a ​PLM to PLM connection framework built on PROSTEP’s OpenPDM solution. OpenPDM is a vendor neutral solution, connecting product data to streamline your product development processes. OpenPDM Connect allows you to connect not only individual parts, BOMs and documents but also complex product structures, without any need for customization. The versions and status of the metadata are automatically synchronized and logged. OpenPDM Connect can connect the following systems:

  • CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE (CATIA V6) with Windchill, Teamcenter or SAP
  • DELMIA 3DEXPERIENCE (DELMIA V6) with Windchill or Teamcenter
  • SAP with Teamcenter, Windchill or 3DEXPERIENCE

This list is subject to ​ongoing expansion. Contact PROSTEP for the most updated connections.

OpenPDM Integrate

OpenPDM Integrate

What if you need to connect  PLM systems in various disciplines, departments and locations?

OpenPDM Integrate is your solution for always consistent, up-to-date data sychronication between multiple systems. OpenPDM Integrate provides the end-to-end PLM processes you need to connect, monitor and control your PLM data. Its configurable interfaces easily connects the most complex integrations and seamlessly provides the import and export of CAD structures and PLM data.

OpenPDM Integrate gives you limitless scalability.

PROSTEP’s technological partnerships with leading PLM vendors such as Dassault, SIEMENS, PTC, IBM, SAP and others guarantee reliability when you integrate with today’s leading PLM platforms.

OpenPDM INTEGRATE is the ideal solution if you work with multiple PLM systems at different locations or in different departments, or if your company wants to connect a PLM backbone to discipline-specific team data management (TDM) systems. This solution gives you the ability to link or transfer all PLM-relevant information.

Moreover, the solution allows your data (including CAD data), documents, versions and structures from different data sources to be synchronized in either a synchronous or asynchronous process. Your workflows can be set up to control the processes, which means that cross-system change processes can also be controlled automatically.

OpenPDM INTEGRATE gives you configurable interfaces for numerous PLM, ERP and simulation data management systems, allowing the import and export of CAD structures and PLM data in formats like ASCII, STEP and XML. These interfaces can also integrate the established applications that may have evolved over time in your business processes.

With OpenPDM, you can integrate and migrate product data through a variety of systems. PROSTEP’s integration and migration connectors enable you to easily manage your product data with both out-of-the-box and customized solutions for your use case.

OpenPDM features:

  • CAx Integration/Migration
  • SDM/ERP Integration/Migration
  • PDM/PLM Integration/Migration
  • OSLC, Web Services, STEP, XML and other Integration/Migration Solutions

OpenPDM Migrate

OpenPDM Migrate

Are you ready to move from a legacy system to a new system? Or are you ready to upgrade your current system to a new version or vendor?

If you’re ready to move forward with a data migration, OpenPDM Migrate is the tool you need irrespective of your chosen migration methodology (staged, incremental, etc.).

OpenPDM MIGRATE enables you to organize the migration of existing PLM data from an old system to a new system regardless of whether you prefer a more gentle transition, with the temporary coexistence of the old and new systems, or want to switch systems in one fell swoop.

OpenPDM MIGRATE not only migrates individual parts, BOMs and documents, but also complex product structures to the new PLM system. The solution allows PLM data from multiple systems and data sources to be consolidated.

Further, bidirectional synchronization of the data allows migration to be performed in small steps and delta information to be synchronized if, after an initial data loading process, the older system continues to be used.

OpenPDM Migrate gives you a migration cockpit and KPI reports, thus showing the necessary transparency at all times and facilitating process monitoring.

OpenPDM Collaborate

OpenPDM Collaborate

Do you need a customized solution for a joint venture or another long-term collaboration project? OpenPDM Collaborate gives you the ability to customize your provisioning and synchronization of PLM and CAD data. This solution gives you the ability to export PLM and CAD data from backend systems enabling data synchronization at regular intervals. With the ability to adapt to different configuration scenarios, seamless integration of data occurs in PLM systems used by partners. OpenPDM Collaborate gives you:

  • “out-of-the-box” PLM collabration
  • maximum flexibility
  • support for partner-specific data models
  • optimum protection of CAD dand PLM data transfer
  • maximum investment protection

OpenPDM CCenter

OpenPDM CCenter

Do you need a collaboration platform for enhanced product development?

​With OpenPDM ​CCenter, ​all PLM project data is secured and synchronized outside your IT Infrastructure. The data is available to all parties within a protected environment, enabling quick on/off boarding of partners during development ensuring enterprise-wide PLM collaboration.

Globally distributed projects involving multiple partners require major coordination of product development data. OpenPDM CCenter, a Collaboration Platform, can simplify your coordination efforts. It ensures that enterprise-wide synchronized data is available in a secure, protected environment. OpenPDM CCenter will extract PLM, CAD and structured data and then update the data across all domains.

Partners also have access to all key PDM/PLM functions including version, workflow and change management.

Cross-enterprise project work can be securely and efficiently accessed within the OpenPDM CCenter platform.

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