Integrate Dassault solutions with our standardized, vendor-neutral connectors.

Extend the capabilities of your Dassault platform with our technical know-how and PLM expertise.


Need to integrate 3DX/V6 with other systems? We can do that for you with Teamcenter, SAP, SimManager, GlobalX and more.

We develop customer specific solutions on base of 3DX/V6 CAA2 API.


As a 3DX ENOVIA partner, our products are made to integrate and federate your meta data and CAD data with 3DX ENOVIA (since MatrixOne 10.8).

CAA V5 Adopter

We develop products and extensions on base of V5 CAA API.


We develop customer specific solutions on base of V5 CAA API.

Get full 3DEXPERIENCE Integration and Migration with the following solutions:

  • Integration of 3DX with SAP, PTC Windchill, SIEMENS, Teamcenter and other PLM Systems
  • PLM Migration to 3DX with OpenPDM
  • Secure Data Exchange with OpenDXM GlobalX with options for full integration into 3DEXPERIENCE or directly into MS Outlook or Windows Explorer
  • CATIA and SOLIDWORKS data translation services

About the 3DEXPERIENCE Connector from PROSTEP

  • Support for full MCS Java Interface
  • Import and export the full set of 3DX objects like parts, requirements, documents, XCAD data, and more
  • Import and export of EBOM and XCAD document structures
  • Import and export of data stored in all 3DX centrals (except VPM)
  • Fine granular object access down to single attributes

About the OpenPDM XPDM Adapter

  • Support for full 3DX XPDM interface
  • Import and export of 3DX Product Structures to 3DX CATIA, DELMIA and SIMULIA
  • Import and export data stored in 3DX VPM Central
  • XPDM Use Case driven
  • Support of 3DX CAD format converters

3DEXPERIENCE Integration Solutions

  • OpenPDM ENOVIA Smarteam Connector
  • OpenPDM MatrixOne Connector
  • OpenPDM ENOVIA V6 Connector
  • OpenPDM ENOVIA V4 VPM Connector
  • OpenPDM ENOVIA V5 LCA Connector
  • OpenPDM Client CATIA V5 Integration

ENOVIA and CATIA V6 Integration Solutions

  • OpenPDM V6/3DX XPDM SAP Adapter
  • PROSTEP V6/3DX XPDM SimManager Adapter
  • PROSTEP V6/3DX XPDM Teamcenter Adapter
  • PROSTEP V6/3DX Windchill Adapter

How can you enable enterprise digital thread with 3DEXPERIENCE? PROSTEP’s OpenPDM enables robust, bi-directional interoperability with any number of systems. As you grow your business with 3DEXPERIENCE and Dassault solutions, our proven connectors to virtually any system will help you integrate, migrate and exchange data quickly and easily. PROSTEP helps your 3DEXPERIENCE and Dassault solutions with:

  • Integration – Do you need a systems integration solutions? With PROSTEP solutions, you’ll get bi-directional exchange of data including parts, BOM, CAD, documents, changes, configuration and more
  • Migration – Looking to decommission your systems while consolidating data in 3DEXPERIENCE? Our solutions help you migrate data in a variety of use cases
  • Federation– Keep you systems and data up-to-date across your enterprise with intelligent, traceable links between systems that give you real time access to data managed within other systems
  • Collaboration– Easily optimize and streamline your product development processes with automatic collaboration between different PLM and CAD systems with customers and suppliers


Dassault Integration & Migration with 3DEXPERIENCE


Dassault Integration Secure Data Exchange with 3DEXPERIENCE

Learn about Dassault 3DEXPERIENCE Migration.



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