What is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM))?

What is PLM?

Product lifecycle management is the handling of a product through each life stage, including development, growth, maturity, and end-of-life. In an age of fierce competition where innovation is vital to a prosperous business, a successful PLM can mean the difference between a product that outperforms its competitors or falls short of production goals.

PLM encompasses a range of processes and technologies and offers numerous benefits that aid companies in streamlining their operations, gaining a competitive edge, and driving innovation. Some of the most substantial benefits of a successful product lifecycle management strategy include the following:

  • Improved product development and communication across various teams, including manufacturers, suppliers, designers, and engineers
  • Enhanced product quality, product-related data tracking, and customer feedback
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Better visibility across the supply chain
  • Increased collaboration and innovation
  • Optimized resource allocation and cost savings
  • Reduced manufacturing errors 
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced time-to-market


  • What is PROSTEP and what role does it play in the PLM industry?
    • PROSTEP is a leading solution provider specializing in product lifecycle management (PLM) integration, PLM migration, CAD data exchange, and 3D PDF technology. It enables businesses to integrate their PLM systems efficiently, ensuring seamless workflows and data consistency.
  • How does PROSTEP’s OpenPDM solution help businesses?
    • OpenPDM is a software suite that provides tools for PLM system integration and migration. It enables businesses to connect, synchronize, and migrate data between different PLM systems, helping them achieve better collaboration, reduce data redundancies, and improve overall efficiency.
  • Can PROSTEP’s solutions be tailored to specific industries or are they universally applicable?
    • PROSTEP’s solutions are designed to be versatile and adaptable. While they have universal application capabilities, they can also be tailored to meet the unique requirements of specific industries such as automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, and more.
  • What benefits does PROSTEP’s 3D PDF technology offer?
    • PROSTEP’s 3D PDF technology allows for the embedding of three-dimensional models within PDF documents. This allows for better visualization, easier communication of design intent, and improved collaboration. It also ensures data security as the models can be encrypted and access can be controlled.
  • How does PROSTEP ensure the security of data during PLM integration and migration?
    • PROSTEP takes data security seriously. Their OpenDXM GlobalX enterprise data exchange solution incorporate robust security features such as encrypted data transfers, secure access controls, and comprehensive activity logs to ensure the utmost protection of sensitive information during PLM integration and migration.

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