What is model based systems engineering (MBSE)?

What is MBSE?

MBSE is an innovative approach to systems engineering that emphasizes the use of graphical models and representations to design, analyze, and manage complex systems throughout their lifecycle. It employs various modeling languages, such as SysML (Systems Modeling Language), to create digital models that capture system requirements, behavior, and interactions.

SysML is a graphical modeling language designed specifically for MBSE. It extends the Unified Modeling Language (UML) to represent systems engineering concepts, including requirements, blocks, flows, activities, and constraints, enabling comprehensive system modeling.

How Does MBSE Work

  • Digital Twin: A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical system or product that is synchronized in real-time with its physical counterpart. In MBSE, digital twins play a crucial role in simulating and analyzing system behavior, allowing for predictive maintenance and performance optimization.
  • Requirements Management: Requirements management in MBSE involves capturing, organizing, and tracing system requirements throughout the development process. It ensures that the final product meets the specified customer needs and regulatory standards.
  • Simulation and Analysis: MBSE leverages simulation and analysis tools to evaluate system behavior, performance, and interactions. By simulating the system in a virtual environment, potential issues can be identified early in the development process, saving time and resources.
  • Model Validation and Verification: Model validation involves confirming that the digital model accurately represents the physical system, while verification ensures that the model aligns with the specified requirements. This process ensures the reliability and correctness of the digital representation.


  • How does PROSTEP support a company’s MBSE projects?
    • PROSTEP provides integration solutions that enable the seamless exchange of data between different MBSE tools and systems. This allows for improved collaboration among multidisciplinary teams and enhances data consistency and accuracy throughout the engineering process.
  • What benefits can I expect from implement PROSTEP MBSE solutions?
    • PROSTEP’s MBSE solutions enable seamless data exchange between different modeling tools and systems, ensuring efficient collaboration and data consistency across multidisciplinary teams enabling:
      • Enhanced Collaboration
      • Efficient Requirements Management
      • Improved Data Accuracy
      • Optimized Workflow
      • Enhanced Data Security
      • Interoperability
  • What distinguishes PROSTEP’s MBSE approach from other industry solutions?
    • PROSTEP has a strong background in PLM integration and collaboration solutions. This expertise can contribute to our MBSE approach by offering seamless integration between different modeling tools and systems, enabling efficient data exchange and collaboration among multidisciplinary teams.
  • What industries can benefit from PROSTEP’s MBSE approach?
    • Automotive
    • Aerospace and Defense
    • Shipbuilding
    • Government & Defense
    • Manufacturing
    • Telecommunications
    • Robotics and Automation
  • Can PROSTEP manage the complexity and scalability of enterprise MBSE projects?
    • PROSTEP’s expertise in PLM integration allows them to connect various MBSE tools and systems used in enterprise projects. This integration helps manage data flow, consistency, and collaboration across different engineering domains.
    • PROSTEP’s solutions foster collaboration among multidisciplinary teams involved in MBSE projects. This collaboration is essential for managing complexity, as it allows stakeholders to work together efficiently, share knowledge, and address challenges collectively.
  • What measures does PROSTEP take to ensure data consistency and traceability within its MBSE solutions?
    • Implementing version control mechanisms allows PROSTEP’s MBSE solutions to track changes made to models, requirements, and other data components. This ensures that previous versions can be accessed, compared, and reverted if needed, maintaining data consistency.

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