Three Ways to Integrate Cameo Systems Modeler with Teamcenter

Darmstadt, November 2023 – PROSTEP, Inc., the US American subsidiary of PROSTEP Group, has recently demonstrated three integrations which allow to replication and federation of data between Dassault Systèmes’ Cameo Systems Modeler and Teamcenter from Siemens Digital Industries Software. All integrations are based on PROSTEP’s PLM integration platform OpenPDM which can also be used to connect Cameo to other vendors’ PLM solutions. OpenPDM integrates product data and processes horizontally across the product lifecycle, but also vertically across disciplines and domains, supporting ALM PLM connectivity and model-based systems engineering (MBSE). It provides a wide variety of standard connectors to different commercial PDM/PLM, ALM, ERP and IoT systems.

The three Cameo integrations showcased by PROSTEP, Inc. address different customer needs in MBSE from light-weight data linking ensuring traceability, to in-depth interaction of systems engineers with PLM, to automatic synchronization of data between the Cameo and PLM environments. The latter is supported by the Teamwork Cloud to Teamcenter integration. Teamwork Cloud is the former No Magics’ and now Dassault Systèmes’ model repository for collaborative MBSE with the Cameo Systems Modeler. The Teamwork Cloud integration allows to automatically export data from the model repository, map it to the data structure in Teamcenter and import it into the PLM system or vice-versa. OpenPDM manages the synchronization by documenting the successful execution of the exchange process and creating the corresponding reports.

To give systems engineers more direct access to Teamcenter data from their Cameo Systems Modeler, PROSTEP, Inc. has created a Cameo client plugin integration that directly interfaces with the OpenPDM Teamcenter connector via web services. Users can login to the backend system, query for data, import it to Cameo, update Teamcenter data, all, without having to leave their familiar working environment. They could, for example import a bill of material from Teamcenter to add product BOM data to a system model in Cameo.

The third way to integrate Cameo with Teamcenter or other PLM solutions is through the Cameo Data Hub OSLC bridge, using the PROSTEP OSLC Provider and Teamcenter Connector to federate authoring tool and the backend system. OSLC stands for Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration and is an open standard for data linking inspired by web technology. It has a consumer and a provider side. Built into the Cameo Systems Modeler is an OSLC consumer which allows it to connect to other OSLC-compliant systems. It is important to note that data is not replicated but only linked in a traceable manner.

“Companies developing and manufacturing smart connected products and systems face the challenge of better integrating mechanical and electrical/ electronical software development. Many of them adopt the MBSE approach to improve cross-domain and interdisciplinary collaboration”, explains Brian Schouten, Director Technical Presales of PROSTEP, Inc. “The three ways to integrate Cameo Systems Modeler with Teamcenter or other PLM systems give them maximum flexibility when embedding MBSE into their overall development processes to realize the heterogeneous digital thread.”

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