ACO Group

PROSTEP migrates the ACO Group’s Teamcenter installation

The ACO Group, a global leader in drainage technology, is establishing Teamcenter as its strategic PLM platform in parallel to the company-wide implementation of SAP. The current, highly customized Teamcenter version needs to be replaced by a new version to provide business processes with targeted support and make it easier to integrate new locations and subsidiaries. PROSTEP is responsible for migrating the PLM data.

Automated Driving

Automated driving is not the answer in every situation

Professor Frank Köster is the founding director of the Institute for AI Safety and Security at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and one of the coordinators of the joint SET Level project, which focuses on safety in the context of automated driving. In this interview, he explains the importance of simulation and artificial intelligence for the development of automated vehicles.

Digitizing existing plants more efficiently with artificial intelligence

Plants usually no longer fully correspond with the planning status when they are commissioned, and they are subject to further changes during operation. Modernization, however, requires up-to-date as-is documentation. Together with a partner, PROSTEP offers plant engineering companies an AI-based service that allows an automated digitization of existing plants.

Mars Rover now supports an even greater number of use cases

PROSTEP first presented the Mars Rover as a demonstrator of its wide range of software and services at its 25th anniversary celebration. Since then, for example, the chassis and housing of the vehicle originally designed by NASA have been further developed and the physical Mars Rover has been linked to the digital Mars Rover in order to map use cases like the digital thread.

Digital twin WP

A Reference Model for Developing Digital Twins

Digital transformation refers to the systematic use of digital technologies to increase operational efficiency and/or develop new, data-driven business models. An important lever for increasing added value is the digital twin. A joint white paper drawn up by 3DSE and PROSTEP describes what a forward-looking digital twin concept might look like.

OpenPDM Connecting Systems

Integrating federated PLM system landscapes

The stable linking together of two PLM systems or a PLM and an ERP system is not rocket science, and our customers have been using OpenPDM to do exactly that for years. PLM system landscapes are however becoming increasingly heterogeneous and subject to dramatic change.

OpenPDM and OSLC

Standard Integrations Beyond the PLM World

OpenPDM is far more than just the leading PLM integration platform. Our standard connectors connect the PDM/PLM world to all the IT worlds relevant to product development, be it ERP, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). OpenPDM not only makes it possible for us to synchronize data between the connected systems but also implement new concepts for cross-system data linking.
When strong partnerships occur, the ability to bring the best strengths and talents from both companies emerge to deliver more impactful, comprehensive, and complementary software solutions to their user base.


Clean ERP/PLM migration with the “data washing machine”

In one fell swoop, the robotics and automation specialist KUKA has migrated its SAP installation, introduced Teamcenter as its new PLM system and reorganized the entire engineering-to-order process. Crucial to the project’s success were the soft PLM migration, during which the legacy and new system coexisted for a short period, and the consistent cleansing of the data, which KUKA undertook with the assistance of PROSTEP AG. PROSTEP also accompanied KUKA during the changeover to the current Teamcenter version.

PROSTEP System Lifecycle Management - thyssenkrupp Presta

thyssenkrupp Presta steers the future with System Lifecycle Management

The full steering system supplier of thyssenkrupp, thyssenkrupp Presta AG, has embarked on an ambitious System Lifecycle Management project to shape its future engineering processes and IT landscape to enable Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). The first step towards SLM is to implement a new PLM solution. PROSTEP steers the SLM team through the technical specification and system evaluation process.


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