SAP PLM and SIEMENS Teamcenter Digital Transformation Partnership and Migration

How does the new SAP and SIEMENS partnership affect your current solutions?

When strong partnerships occur, the strengths and talents from both companies emerge to deliver more impactful, comprehensive, and complementary software solutions to each user base.

The new SAP and SIEMENS alliance will leverage the strength of each to accelerate and deliver more business value, portfolio management, product lifecycle, supply chain, and asset lifecycle management across the entire product development chain.

SAP will sell SIEMENS Teamcenter and SIEMENS will sell SAP’s Intelligent Asset Management.

As such, each company aims to create a common goal of building a true digital thread to integrate not only system models, but also product simulations. The digital thread provides real-time business information, the integration of virtual models and feedback, and data across the entire lifecycle, ultimately improving business performance.

Both industry leaders seek to solve the challenges of data interoperability and system interface with their service offerings. SAP will offer Teamcenter software for product lifecycle collaboration and data management. SIEMENS will offer SAP’s Intelligent Asset Management and SAP Project and Portfolio management solutions.

Ultimately, SAP will begin to phase out PLM and resell SIEMENS Teamcenter. This may lead your engineering teams, including product design teams, service managers, production operations, and more, to question how this will affect business models, respective offerings, and business processes. Further, how will this impact your core foundational engineering processes, product design, and product data management?

New and Improved Digital Transformation with Migration Toolkit

PROSTEP can help you to answer these questions and address these concerns.  PROSTEP experts weigh in on the partnership’s strategic advantage and impact on the digital thread and how you can fully leverage industrial transformation to access a complete digital enterprise. PROSTEP, a market leader in improving product lifecycle management process capabilities, has created an exclusive webinar highlighting the business benefits of a solid migration strategy from SAP PLM to Teamcenter or other PLM systems. 

With vendor neutral connectors to significant systems, including SAP PLM and Teamcenter, PROSTEP’s solutions across the board give you the competitive advantage of industry expertise in migration strategy and methods. The migration toolkit supports your project management ETL (extract, transform, load) or transactional migration methods and a “Big Bang,” all at once migration or incremental strategy migration.

The strategic alliance between SAP and SIEMENS is an exciting collaboration that enables innovative products and smarter products created with a faster time to market. This new partnership may require you to join forces with a strong leader for data migration and changing your product engineering processes to cope with changing market demand. With PROSTEP’s Migration Toolkit, you can quickly move your product engineering data, intelligent assets, and more across the board to your new PLM.  PROSTEP is here to support your business network and process capability throughout the changing digital economy.

Watch the webinar, Navigating SAP and Siemens Partnership with OpenPDM Migration Toolkit, hosted by PROSTEP’s Director of Technical Presales, Brian Schouten. With over 15+ years in implementing digital thread solutions and providing solutions in product lifecycle management, Brian’s knowledge of PLM and CAD systems will give you an expert level view of the right way to navigate the SAP and SIEMENS partnership.

As SAP is now a reseller of the SIEMENS Teamcenter core platform, how do you navigate your technology journey and provide a comprehensive solution across your service lifecycle and digital supply chain?


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