Integrating federated PLM system landscapes

The stable linking together of two PLM systems or a PLM and an ERP system is not rocket science, and our customers have been using OpenPDM to do exactly that for years. PLM system landscapes are however becoming increasingly heterogeneous and subject to dramatic change. The efficient development of smart products requires the integration of electronics and software development together with the tools used. IoT platforms on which the operating data converges need to be integrated so that the products can be maintained or optimized during operation.

In the future, instead of monolithic PLM architectures, we will need federated PLM landscapes with an overarching backbone system or a cockpit that displays the data linked from different sources. They place more demanding requirements on the integration of the individual components, requirements we are meeting with OpenPDM.

Our integration platform makes it possible for companies to connect any number of different systems from different PLM domains with each other and with other enterprise applications – and with considerably less effort than if the systems had to be connected via proprietary interfaces. Each system requires only one connector to the integration platform, and there is no need for this connector to be adapted whenever changes are made to one of the other systems.

OpenPDM serves as a neutral data hub that can be used to transfer or link all relevant PLM and ERP information. OpenPDM ensures consistent and up-to-date information, regardless of whether companies are working with multiple PLM systems in different locations or different departments or want to connect discipline-specific TDM (Team Data Management) systems with a backbone. The solution synchronizes CAD data, documents, versions and structures from different data sources in either a synchronous or asynchronous process. A higher-level workflow can be set up to control the processes so that, for example, cross-system change processes can also be controlled

Posted with permission from PROSTEP AG.

Original Article by Mirko Theiss, Senior Manager PLM Integration and Product Manager OpenPDM at PROSTEP AG.


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