Standard Integrations Beyond the PLM World

The product name is understatement: OpenPDM is far more than just the leading PLM integration platform. Our standard connectors connect the PDM/PLM world to all the IT worlds relevant to product development, be it ERP, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). OpenPDM not only makes it possible for us to synchronize data between the connected systems but also implement new concepts for cross-system data linking.

PROSTEP has steadily expanded its portfolio of standard connectors in recent years, which means that we can now connect all widely-used PDM/PLM systems and versions to our integration platform with a minimum of effort: 3DExperience, Windchill, Teamcenter, Aras Innovator, SAP PLM, SmarTeam, CIM Database and many others. Last year we created a new connector to Arena PLM. It connects the cloud-based PLM application with an on-premise SAP instance in order to transfer approved article statuses and bills of material to the ERP system.

OpenPDM and OSLC

OpenPDM supports the creation of modular PLM architectures by bridging the gap between ALM and IIoT. For example, a leading automotive supplier uses our solution as middleware for integrating the ALM solution PTC Integrity Lifecycle Management (ILM) with Aras PLM. We have also developed preconfigured OpenPDM CONNECT solutions for connecting the IIoT platform PTC ThingWorx to the PLM systems 3DExperience, Teamcenter and SAP PLM. They enable digital product information be linked with the operating data from real products, which converge on the IIoT platform.

The OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) standard is used to link data from different source systems instead of replicating it. We support this concept with a generic OSLC connector. It allows IT systems that do not support OSLC to be integrated in OSLC-based scenarios. This makes it possible, for example, to link requirements from Doors to tasks in RTC (Rational Team Center) and components in Teamcenter to ensure traceability.

Posted with permission from PROSTEP AG.

Original Article by Mirko Theiss, Senior Manager PLM Integration and Product Manager OpenPDM at PROSTEP AG.


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