Successfully Anticipating Requirements for the Future

This year, PROSTEP is celebrating an anniversary that is not very common in the relatively young PLM (Product Life Cycle) industry. 30 years ago, PROSTEP’s initial focus was on topics such as STEP and CAD data exchange which evolved to include expertise in vendor neutral PLM integration. Today, Digital Twins, Digital Threads, Embedded Software, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are also central to PROSTEP’s offerings and R&D investments. At its core, PROSTEP has always been about the central challenge of strengthening our customers’ ability to innovate by improving their digital continuity.


PROSTEP is confident about the Future of Digitalization

PROSTEP has been supporting companies in the manufacturing industry with the digitalization of their business processes and models for 30 years. Many of our customers, particularly in the automotive and supplier industry, have been with us from the very beginning. Their trust is our most important incentive to continuously develop and improve our comprehensive range of consulting services and solutions.


PROSTEP focuses range of AI Consulting Services and Solutions it offers on PLM

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises enormous benefits in a variety of very different application areas. PROSTEP is taking account of this fact with a comprehensive range of consulting services that cover all aspects of AI and AI-based solutions. We place clear focus on the automation and optimization of our customers’ PLM processes with the help of different AI methods.


OpenCLM 3.0 makes integration in IT landscapes even easier

Darmstadt, February 2024 – PROSTEP has launched the new version 3.0 of its digital thread solution, OpenCLM, which can now be integrated into customers’ IT landscapes even more easily. The information in the connected IT systems can also be linked with each other with a greater degree of flexibility. Improvements to the dashboards and graph visualization ensure that the information is displayed more clearly and concisely. The new version is now available.

PROSTEP, Inc. reports another record year in North America

2022 was another record year for North American PLM integration and migration expert PROSTEP, Inc. This marks four consecutive years of record growth. PROSTEP’s commercial standard software for PLM integration, migration and collaboration, data exchange and digital threads was the growth driver with a 40% increase in orders compared to the previous year.

Gaia-X has the potential to fundamentally change data management

Gaia-X, the European initiative to create interoperable data spaces, has a reputation for being slow and bureaucratic. Ulrich Ahle, the previous CEO of the FIWARE Foundation, has now taken over the management. It should coordinate the European actors more closely and promote the industrial use of data rooms. In an interview with the PROSTEP newsletter, he explains the goals and potential of Gaia-X.

PROSTEP makes its internal PLM know-how accessible

All PROSTEP PLM consultants go through an internal PLM training course lasting several weeks, in which they are not only familiarized with the technical basics of product lifecycle management, but also learn how to use consulting methods and PLM systems. We now want to make our concentrated PLM know-how available to customers through special workshops and training courses.

Trustworthy data rooms are the order of the day?!

Thanks in no small part to ChatGPT and Co., artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived in our day-to-day lives, in our private and professional worlds, and is here to stay. There is a lot of hype surrounding AI, which is further fueled by the media. The other day, the German Tagesschau television news service managed to feature three AI-related contributions from completely different contexts in a single broadcast. Numerous companies are giving thought to how and for what purpose they can deploy AI effectively – that is, if they have not already launched their first projects. We here at PROSTEP are also taking a long hard look at what changes AI will bring for us and how we can provide our customers with the support they need when it comes to deploying AI.

OpenDXM GlobalX 9.5 with new deputy regulations_Image

OpenDXM GlobalX 9.5 with new deputy regulations

Version 9.5 of PROSTEP’s world-leading data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX contains numerous new features and improvements. One important new feature is the ability to set up deputy regulations for receiving data in the event of planned or unplanned absence. In addition, the customizing client in OpenDXM GlobalX 9.5 has been fully integrated into the web interface. The new version will be delivered later this month.

HCLTech PROSTEP Partnership

HCLTech and PROSTEP Group enter a global partnership

PROSTEP has entered a partnership with HCLTech, a leading global technology company, to enable enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation journey. As part of this cooperation, HCLTech will offer its clients OpenPDM and OpenDXM GlobalX, PROSTEP’s PLM integration platform and data exchange solution. The leading German PLM consulting and software company expects this strategic partnership to significantly expand its customer base, especially in Northern Europe, North America, and Asia.


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