PROSTEP, Inc. reports another record year in North America

By Paul Downing

2022 was another record year for North American PLM integration and migration expert PROSTEP, Inc. This marks four consecutive years of record growth. PROSTEP’s commercial standard software for PLM integration, migration and collaboration, data exchange and digital threads was the growth driver with a 40% increase in orders compared to the previous year.

Leading companies from a wide range of industries have continued to develop and redefine the business practices for their organizations in 2022. PROSTEP has seen an increase in PLM and CAD migration projects as customers look to unify their data into a single source of truth for product lifecycle management, engineering and manufacturing. In some cases, the migrations were also triggered by takeovers, mergers and company sales. PROSTEP’s commercial integration platform OpenPDM, which enables complete bidirectional interoperability between systems from different PLM manufacturers, was used extensively in these projects.

2022 was also a year in which companies seeking to securely exchange large amounts of data, technical data packets and other intellectual property showed increased interest in security and collaboration. This has led to the rapid spread of PROSTEP tools such as OpenDXM GlobalX and PDF Generator 3D in the North American market.

Finally, PROSTEP observed great interest in the topic of “Configuration Lifecycle Management”: Companies want to create a digital thread (baseline) that connects all product iterations from the requirements to every step of the product life cycle.

For the first time, leading companies have tools that provide traceability of product life from ‘cradle to grave’. make possible. Several leading aerospace companies are testing PROSTEP’s new OpenCLM software to strengthen their efforts in this important area.

Inflation has had a drastic impact on wages and other costs and expenses over the past 12 months. Fortunately, PROSTEP customers showed great understanding for the necessary price increase, the first in over a decade. We are lucky to have such a trusting relationship with our customers. As one of them said: “You have to pay to get the best of the best resources and that’s what we expect from PROSTEP.”

A big change for the employees of PROSTEP, Inc. in 2021/2022 was the conscious decision to work remotely even in the post-pandemic period. This allows us to expand our hiring reach across the country. This also increases the diversity of our workforce, improves employee satisfaction and positions our consultants closer to our customers.

PROSTEP, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of PROSTEP AG, headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, which specializes in the interoperability of technical systems. “We are very satisfied with the performance and professionalism of our subsidiary and look forward to further expanding our offering in North America and the rest of the world,” said Karsten Theis, CEO of PROSTEP AG.

The US subsidiary does not publish any specific financial figures independently of the PROSTEP Group’s annual report.


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