Download ​3D PDF Samples and Examples

​PROSTEP 3D PDFs ​are created for demonstration purposes only. Each 3D PDF shown here can be downloaded for free. As a partner of Tetra4D, PROSTEP offers some downloadable 3D PDFs displaying the Tetra4D logo. This page is continually being updated. Please check back frequently.

PDFs opened in your browser will not exhibit full 3D PDF functionality. Please open PDF files​ with the ​free Adobe Reader ​or Adobe Acrobat Pro. Download the free Adobe Reader here. 

Download 3D PDF Engine

3D PDF Sample of an automotive engine.  Download the 3D PDF Engine to see sample CAD data along with PMI, annotations and measurements.  Download 3D PDF Engine.

​Who benefits from 3D PDF collaboration?

  • Supply Chain
  • Tooling
  • Sales
  • Maintenance
  • Procurement
  • Technical Publications
  • Support
  • Marketing

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Please Share 3D PDF Samples and Examples

Download Sample and Example 3D PDFs.   Click to download.

​Advanced Maintenance


​​​Auto Carburetor



​Blu-Ray Player






​Change Process

​Guide to the Heart

​iPhone Replacement

​Lamp Product

​Landing Gear


​Miter Saw

​Sprayer Maintenance

​Paperless Process


​Bill ​Of Materials (BOM)

​Engineering Spec Sheet

​Bracket with PMI

​Manufacturing Frame 


​Machine Assembly

​Technical Data Package

​Animated Tea Box

​Engineering Data Release

​Change Work Request

​Service Documentation

​Turbine Engine


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