Product Lifecycle Management Solutions to Digitalize Your Enterprise

PROSTEP offers complete product lifecycle management solutions for integrating, migrating, and collaborating data with optimum efficiency and security to digitalize your enterprise.

What Does PROSTEP Do?

PROSTEP is the premier vendor-neutral software consulting company specializing in all aspects of product lifecycle management. With over 30 years of global experience spanning Europe, the Americas, and Asia, PROSTEP supports the enterprise-wide digitalization of your product development processes. Our area of expertise includes PLM strategy and consulting for various sectors such as Automotive, Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Defense, Government agencies among others. 

Discover why PROSTEP is considered the industry leader in PLM integration, migration, and collaboration.


Get consistent, up-to-date data within your PLM systems. OpenPDM integrates and connects product data across all relevant systems to build products faster, and more efficiently, and customize them to your business.

Convert your product information into visualized and interactable models. Our data visualization tools include CAD-to-3D PDF generation technical data packages, and CAD animation.

Send CAD documents and files with a simple click without worrying about privacy. OpenDXM GlobalX speeds up the communication process between systems and secures your intellectual property during all data exchanges.

Utilize OpenCLM to help leverage your company’s potential without changing your IT processes. OpenCLM is an all-in-one systems communication tool that will help your team communicate more effectively.

Product Lifecycle Management Solutions

PLM Integration

PROSTEP offers everything you need to operate your PLM platform. Whether it’s PLM data migration to your system of choice, integration with out-of-the-box connectors, or coordination between multiple external development partners, PROSTEP has a solution for you.

OpenPDM Migrate

PLM Migration

Easily migrate to your system of choice with trusted, certified connectors. Migrate data all at once or in steps based on your specific use case. PROSTEP’s OpenPDM platform helps ensure a seamless migration process and allows your team to focus more on the work and less on sorting the data.

OpenPDM Collaborate

PLM Collaboration

PROSTEP offers a fully secure collaboration platform that allows you to work closely with multiple partners to streamline and synchronize your data all into one system. Learn more about how OpenPDM can help your business collaborate more effectively.


Automotive PLM Solutions

Automotive PLM Solutions

Automotive product lifecycle management often requires rapid re-configuration to support increased customization in product manufacturing and development.

Aerospace PLM Solutions

Aerospace PLM Solutions

Aerospace equipment product lifecycle management software that allows for coordination and planning from multiple vendors and suppliers for efficient production.

Shipbuilding PLM Solutions

Shipbuilding PLM Solutions

The process of successfully building a cruise or industrial ship is highly complex and often involves multiple vendors and suppliers.

PLM Solutions in Other Industries

PLM Solutions in Other Industries

PROSTEP products and services optimize product development processes in many industries through 30 years of standards-based methodology and experience in PLM.

What Our Customers Say

“…Again and again, we encounter situations in which we address PROSTEP as a trusted advisor or a consultant and moderator…it has become absolutely clear that PROSTEP consultants really pursue these success criteria actively…”

Dr. Dirk Winter, Change Manager at Theegarten-Pactec

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