Realize Live 2021

PROSTEP, leading PLM Solutions provider in the area of discrete manufacturing, is proud to announce their exclusive SIEMENS PLATINUM sponsorship at SIEMENS Realize Live 2021 Virtual event on May 26, 2021. The event brings leading experts and executives to share PLM and SIEMENS best practices, practical lessons, and actionable insights for digital transformation.

Brian Schouten, Director of Technical Presales for PROSTEP INC, will be presenting:

“Achieving Integrated Digital Enterprise by Connecting Disparate Systems with Siemens Teamcenter”.


Manufacturing for Aerospace, Defense and Government often faces challenges of end-to-end visibility across domains due to siloed systems.

Decentralized teams and data and information bottlenecks are common challenges in the PLM industry. These challenges are compounded when combined with disruptive technologies such as IoT and a pandemic. Failure to address these challenges means the inability to adapt to a changing market resulting in lost revenue, product developement inefficiencies, and costly mistakes.

Facing these challenges head-on with the right strategy and toolset means gaining competitive advantage, achieving operational efficiency, and maximizing product development visibility.

Join PROSTEP expert, Brian Schouten, to see how aerospace, defense, and government contractors can connect disparate systems with SIEMENS Teamcenter to form a fully integrated and connected engineering environment. Gain control of your data from disparate systems by integrating simulation data management (SDM), requirements management (RM), model-based systems engineering (MBSE), application life cycle management (ALM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution systems(MES), product life cycle management (PLM), and other systems.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Strategize technologies for future growth around a changing digital landscape
  • Integrate SIEMENS Teamcenter for end-to-end traceability and visibility for a fully connected and integrated engineering environment
  • Take a model-based systems approach towards integrating product life cycle development processes

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Here’s a brief rundown past on-demand presentations from PROSTEP Sponsorship at Realize Live 2020.


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