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Data exchange with integration in the PLM and Office worlds at Witte

Ease of use and maximum security when exchanging data are not necessarily mutually exclusive. This is reflected in the experience made by WITTE Automotive. The global manufacturer of locking and actuating systems for the automotive industry has replaced its existing data exchange solution with OpenDXM GlobalX. The new solution can easily be integrated in both the PLM world and the Office world.


Next-generation SAP/ECTR integration in OpenDXM GlobalX

Working together with its technology partner DSC, PROSTEP has adapted the SAP/ECTR integration in its data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX to the new software architecture for PLM integrations. This means that customers can continue to exchange their CAD and PLM data with clients and suppliers easily and securely directly from their ECTR environment.

OpenDXM GlobalX 9.5 with proxy control and other innovations

PROSTEP will begin shipping version 9.5 of the OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform in December 2023, which contains many new features and improvements. This includes the option of setting up a proxy arrangement for receiving data in the event of a planned or unplanned absence. In addition, the customizing client has been fully integrated into the web interface.

OpenDXM GlobalX 9.5 with new deputy regulations_Image

OpenDXM GlobalX 9.5 with new deputy regulations

Version 9.5 of PROSTEP’s world-leading data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX contains numerous new features and improvements. One important new feature is the ability to set up deputy regulations for receiving data in the event of planned or unplanned absence. In addition, the customizing client in OpenDXM GlobalX 9.5 has been fully integrated into the web interface. The new version will be delivered later this month.


PDSVISION becomes a new sales partner for OpenDXM GlobalX

Darmstadt, October 2023 – The Swedish PDSVISION Group, one of the leading sales partners of PLM manufacturer PTC, has recently also entered into a distribution agreement with PROSTEP AG. This partnership gives PDSVISION the right to market our secure data exchange platform OpenDXM GlobalX to PTC customers in the Nordic countries, but also in other European countries or in the USA.

PROSTEP Products

HCLTech becomes a global sales partner of PROSTEP

PROSTEP has entered a sales partnership with HCLTech, a leading global technology company. As part of this collaboration, HCLTech will offer clients OpenPDM and OpenDXM GlobalX, our PLM integration platform and data exchange solution. This strategic partnership will significantly expand our customer base, especially in Northern Europe, North America and Asia.


PROSTEP Fully Supports OCX-Based Data Exchange in the Shipbuilding Industry

The OCX standard used to exchange ship moulded forms and structures is on its why to industrial practice. Developed in the APPROVE research project, it is now seen as a viable solution by both users from shipyards and classification societies as well as CAx solution providers. PROSTEP is a member of the OCX consortium and helps customers to apply OCX-based data exchange.

OpenDXM GlobalX 9.4

OpenDXM GlobalX 9.4 improves system administration on the web

Just in time for Christmas, PROSTEP is making the new version 9.4 of the OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform available to its maintenance customers for download via the customer portal. The major release not only makes work easier for system administrators, but also expands PDM integrations. It also optimizes data handling in distributed environments with the help of alternative FileVaults.

Swiss FTS uses OpenDXM GlobalX for Secure Data Exchange

Swiss FTS uses OpenDXM GlobalX for secure data exchange

As one of the leading specialists in the fields of digital forensics and eDiscovery, Swiss FTS places particularly high demands on the protection of confidential customer data that the company receives for digital forensics investigations. To make data exchange with customers as secure as possible, the renowned Swiss company uses PROSTEP’s proven OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform. The solution has already proven its worth in more than 20 projects.


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