OpenDXM GlobalX 9.5 with proxy control and other innovations

By Daniel Wiegand

PROSTEP will begin shipping version 9.5 of the OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform in December 2023, which contains many new features and improvements. This includes the option of setting up a proxy arrangement for receiving data in the event of a planned or unplanned absence. In addition, the customizing client has been fully integrated into the web interface.

In total, PROSTEP’s product developers have processed over 470 processes in the last few months according to the agile development concept in order to further improve OpenDXM GlobalX and make it even more secure. Numerous customer requests such as the deputy rule were also implemented. In the event of vacation or illness, the users themselves or the system administrators can appoint one or more deputies who can receive the data. They can see who they represent in the message area and are notified by email when new data is received.

A second important innovation in OpenDXM GlobalX 9.5 is the transfer of the customizing client, which was previously a separate application, into the web client. This means that users can now set up post-processing processes such as CAD conversion or OFTP shipping in the convenient web interface. Moving the customizing client to the web also has the advantage of making it easier to program post-processing processes through syntax highlighting and comparison functions.

PROSTEP’s product developers have also improved the usability of the data exchange platform. Specifically, users are now better guided when logging in.

In the interface you can choose between entering a user name and password or using the single sign-on procedure with a common IAM application (Identity & Access Management).

Security is and will remain the hallmark of OpenDXM GlobalX. That’s why PROSTEP had the new version checked again by external penetration testers and implemented their feedback into further improvements. Customers who value maximum security when exchanging data should therefore switch to the new version as soon as possible.


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