DNV and PROSTEP develop 3D PDF solution for surveys in shipbuilding

For years, classification societies and shipyards have been looking for ways to move away from drawings and make the class approval process and processes, such as making the site survey model-based. Now, with the support of PROSTEP, DNV is making progress. Together, we have developed a solution to provide surveyors with 3D models of the hull structure in a 3D PDF container that can be used offline.

PLM ERP MES Integration

Bill of Materials (BOM) as a foundation for PLM ERP MES Integration

Added Value for PLM, MES, ERP Integration
Bill of material should be the connection point for traceability during core integrating between PLM, MES, and ERP. Marrying these systems facilitates data sharing for process management initiatives like lean manufacturing, cost management, resource allocation, and just-in-time inventory management. Each system within the enterprise contributes to the development of a product and requires that accurate relationships exist in support of the digital thread.


PROSTEP invests in the future despite coronavirus

The year 2020 also posed a special Challenge on PROSTEP, which we have taken on. As experts in digitalization, we are digitally well-positioned by nature and were therefore able to respond quickly to the new situation together with our customers. The coronavirus pandemic also had an impact on our business, but we saw the crisis as an opportunity and have invested in the future. We explored new (research) topics, developed new products and recruited new staff. This gives us the boost we need to get the new year off to a good start.

3D Printing

Unambiguous Identification of Components from 3D Printers

At the 2017 Hanover trade fair, PROSTEP AG presented together with consortium partners a demonstrator for the Secure Additive Manufacturing Platform (SAMPL), which makes it possible to 3D print any type of component in a secure and traceable manner. The platform was developed within the framework of the PAiCE funding program using blockchain technology. The keen interest shown in the security solution has encouraged the partners to develop the demonstrator into a marketable application.

3D Assembly - PROSTEP

Planning and Documenting the Assembly Process in 3D

Most machine and plant engineers still plan and document the assembly of their systems
using the object in question, in other words they assemble the system in its entirety or in parts
prior to delivery so that they can properly document the process. New photos and illustrations
are often created for the assembly instructions instead of using existing material from the engineering department. This approach is not only time consuming and labor intensive but also requires an unnecessarily large amount of space. The main problem, however, is that the technicians cannot start planning assembly and creating documentation until the system components have been completed, and by then time is usually short. As a result, changes made while the system is in operation are not systematically incorporated into the documentation, thus making maintenance more difficult. A PROSTEP solution for 3D assembly planning provides an alternative: documentation is converted into the 3D PDF format, thus ensuring that an up to-date version is always available.


OpenDESC.com supports customers despite the Corona crisis

Short-time work and home office determine everyday working life in the Corona pandemic. Nevertheless, the OpenDESC team at PROSTEP continues to support customers around the clock in the conversion, migration and transfer of their CAD and PLM data. We have expanded our software environment to meet the growing demand for our cloud-based OpenDESC.com service.


DASSAULT 3DEXPERIENCE Integration and Women in Engineering Highlights Upcoming COE2020

PROSTEP INC and parent company PROSTEP AG are Platinum sponsors at this year’s annual COE event, which will be held April 26 through 29, 2020 in Miami, FL. COE (Community of Experts of Dassault Systemes Solutions) brings together users of Dassault Systemes software and provides unprecedented access to education, training, networking, product influence opportunities and best practices.

PROSTEP SET Level 4to5

PROSTEP Participates in Funding Project on Autonomous Driving

PROSTEP is actively participating in key funding projects for the validation and verification of autonomous driving functions such as V&V and SET Level 4to5, which are of strategic importance for the digital transformation of the automotive industry. As the leading, vendor-independent PLM consulting and software company, we will support its partners from industry and the research community in the testing and industrialization of project results.


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