Spare Parts Catalog Generator

The service business is not only a high-margin source of revenue for companies in the manufacturing industry but also enables them to differentiate themselves better from their competitors. Efficient spare parts provisioning is a prerequisite for first-time-right service, short downtimes and satisfied customers.

Companies that manufacture capital goods in many customer-specific variants in particular are faced with the challenge of preparing the right service and spare parts information as quickly as possible and with an acceptable level of effort. They need a solution that allows them to generate product-specific 3D spare parts catalogs largely automatically and make them available on a variety of media.

But what technologies can you use to generate the type of catalog that can showcase your products and develop a new revenue stream?

In this white paper you will learn:

  • How 3D PDFs and HTML5 are critical frameworks for developing a relevant catalog
  • How to keep a catalog up to date
  • How PROSTEP’s catalog generator tools might help you expand the value of your products


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