Digital Thread | Digital Twin

The digital thread is a communication framework enabling manufacturers to re-purpose, reuse and trace product information throughout the product development lifecycle.

When you integrate your systems into a ‘digital thread’, partners, suppliers and vendors are all connected to consistently updated and traceable product data.

Whether you are working on 3D models or other data files, your product development team will always have access to the most updated part and can communicate and collaborate effectively through all domains.

Successfully managing the digital record of information throughout the product lifecycle gives you complete interoperability and traceability.

This is of utmost importance when your development teams are dispersed and product data resides in siloed departments.

In today’s fast-paced, globalized economy your competitive advantage lies in being able to create products faster, with less error and rework, ultimately creating the best product for your customers.

What is the Digital Twin?

The digital twin is a digital representation of an asset that includes its meta data – design and models. A digital model helps you understand how your digital model will and can act in real world scenarios.

Because the digital thread and digital twin are related, implementation of these has significant impacts in your product development processes.

How does digital twin and digital thread help your product lifecycle development?

Since the digital thread gives you the framework for system interoperability and traceable information, manufacturers are able to work with consistent – up-to-date data throughout the lifecycle. In turn, your processes improve, errors reduce and your ability to create your products becomes more efficient, shortening time to market.

Combined with the digital twin, you’ll have vital information as to how your products work in the real world and can make your adjustments accordingly.

How do you integrate Digital Thread and Digital Twin into your current processes?

PROSTEP’s API for the Digital Integrates Product Data Between Your Systems

PROSTEP products and solutions enable the digital thread through:

  • COLLABORATION with OpenDXM GlobalX
  • COMMUNICATION with 3D PDF Technologies

If you’re looking to share CAD data, provide intelligent, traceable links between systems, share data with suppliers securely and communicate complex data downstream, PROSTEP’s API for the Digital Thread is your toolset for full system interoperability and traceability.

What is the API for the Digital Thread?

Traditional views of large enterprise development see information siloed throughout different departments. A change occurring in the design can have significant impact on time and costs if not reflected throughout the product’s lifecycle. Integrating, synchronizing, and managing development data throughout the product development process becomes difficult from the ever-growing, complex environments comprised of siloed systems.

When you add the rapid acceleration of technology advancements such as Industry 4.0, IoT, blockchain, and others to the development process, more challenges and complications occur.

As a result, companies find it difficult to manage and maintain their product data as well as stay competitive with the changing pace of technology. But much of that confusion can be eliminated if the correct processes are built into your product design workflow. One method for eliminating complexity is the deployment of a robust API.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • Where complexity originates in a product design workflow
  • How an API can streamline the various threads of complexity in a product design workflow
  • How the appropriate API can make your IP more secure

PROSTEP's API for Digital Thread is your complete solution to PLM and other systems integration.



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