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PLM Consulting and Strategy

Digitalization changes everything.

But, what is digitalization?

Is it Industry 4.0? Blockchain? Artificial Intelligence? Business process optimization? All the above and more?

Regardless of your definition, if you’ve got PLM system, you’ll need to ensure your systems act in accordance with the integration of new business models and technologies.

PLM Consulting for Future Viability

Product lifecycle management is vital in the creation of your products.

If your systems aren’t compatible with emerging technologies, you run the risk of losing all the benefits your systems have to offer.

Are you prepared for newer, faster applications and continued digital transformation ? Will your systems and architecture scale to fit changing technologies like Industry 4.0 and blockchain?

PLM Process and Development

We work within a global economy, so joint ventures, divestitures and other long term development scenarios are inevitable.

Manufacturers, suppliers and vendors are located across the globe, challenging your interoperability, communication and security.

To be effective and stay ahead in today’s marketplace, you need the proper tool sets, expertise and industry know-how.

PLM Consulting Services for Future Success

If you’re using popular vendor solutions and have

our years of experience and consulting solutions can help augment your current and upcoming projects. We provide you with an extensive toolbox of methods, templates and best practices for the expedient handling of projects.

PLM Strategy to help you:


Concepts and Solution Architecture:

Implementation of IT and Processes

  • PLM Realize and Roll-out
    • Agile PLM Implementation and Introduction (Focus TC, TW, 3DEXP)
    • PLM Process and Method
    • Individual Software Development
  • Technical Data Package
    • LZA, TDP, 3D Master
  • PLM Collaboration

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