PROSTEP Leads Global Aerospace Company through Teamcenter Migration and Sharepoint Document Management with Plans for Secure Data Exchange

An Aerospace PLM Migration challenge

Numerous questions and challenges arise when a PLM migration becomes a company’s strategy to improve their systems. Additionally, increased risks and inexperienced specialists may contribute to longer than expected project times. This is primarily true within the aerospace industry where long product lifecycles and strict traceability requirements are common.

Leading global aerospace company with facilities in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, and China, SONACA Group has chosen PROSTEP to assist in not only it’s Teamcenter Migration but also its Sharepoint Document Management PLM integration. With the help of PROSTEP, SONACA Group successfully migrated its various Enovia VPM configurations to a unified Teamcenter installation with PROSTEP’s OpenPDM migration platform.

Further, there are many people in the company that do not produce CAD data but it is essential for them to view models, drawings, part lists, etc. and therefore collaboration of CAD data is essential.  To solve this complex problem, the experts at PROSTEP utilized the Teamcenter Sharepoint Integration and PROSTEP’s server-based PDF Generator 3D to construct a solution to convert all documents for the Definition Dossier to 3D PDF! As a result, the 3D PDF is stored in SharePoint and can be viewed by the user with the standard Adobe Reader. The resultant 3D PDF contains product structure information, 3D mock-up, measurements, etc.

Upon successful completion of the Teamcenter Sharepoint Integration, SONACA plans to start another project with PROSTEP implementing its secure data exchange solution, OpenDXM GlobalX. The key advantages SONACA has when implementing this solution are apparent with the following features:

  • support for encrypted exchange of CAD data over a web-based platform
  • seamless MS Outlook integration
  • easy transfer of large CAD files over long distances.

“Our goal implementing OpenDXM GlobalX is to enable end users to interchange data directly with subcontractors and to have a better control and a higher security of what we send out.” – Luc Detollenaere, Manager PLM and Digital Projects, SONACA Group


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