PROSTEP expects strong growth this year

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, PROSTEP continued to grow and hire additional staff during the course of the last business year. We expect an even stronger surge in growth in 2022. We are urgently looking for new employees and partners who can help us turn our ambitious plans for growth into action and provide us with support in implementation projects.

The outlook for the current year could hardly be better. The industry has become accustomed to dealing with the coronavirus, which means that customer demand has normalized. We have learned that we are able to provide extremely efficient remote consulting services covering every aspect of end-to-end digitalization. Nevertheless, we sorely miss face-to-face contact with customers, which is key to creating a trust-based relationship – especially in the context of strategy consulting. On the other hand, the pandemic has had little impact on product sales, which last year were close to the record level achieved in 2020. Our headcount has grown despite the pandemic, and we are still looking for software developers, project managers and consultants of any gender to help us implement our plans for further growth.

We are currently expanding in every sector, which means that we can expect significant double-digit growth rates for the current year. 

This also applies to business at our subsidiary BHC, which advises and supports companies when implementing PLM and ALM solutions for mechatronics and software development. The company has its hand full dealing with all its consulting jobs. Our US subsidiary is also moving swiftly from one record-setting year to the next.

We took advantage of the last business year to make the sales organization in our product-related business operations even more efficient. We also expanded our portfolio to include a new solution for creating digital threads and ensuring traceability. OpenCLM is generating a great deal of interest in manufacturing industry, even though many companies are not yet in a position to deal with the issue of end-to-end digitalization. They are therefore first assessing the suitability of their processes and methods in consulting and pilot projects.

An important objective for the current year is to standardize our products and solutions to an even greater extent and offer them as a service from the cloud. In the medium term, the majority of our customers are planning to operate their IT solutions in the cloud or purchase them in their entirety as SaaS offerings. We are already well prepared for this and plan to transform our entire portfolio into a cloud-native offering in the near future to ensure that our customers can fully exploit the advantages that the cloud offers.

By Karsten Theis


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