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Industry award for cloud-based OpenDXM GlobalX platform

PROSTEP's Secure Data Exchange Platform, OpenDXM GlobalX Gets Industry Award
Realize Live 2020 - PROSTEP Virtual Meeting Room

PROSTEP INC is Platinum Sponsor at SIEMENS Realize Live Virtual Event Show this June...

PROSTEP is a Platinum sponsor at this year?s SIEMENS Realize Live 2020 Virtual event. The online event happening on June 23-24, 2020, will allow PROSTEP to provide a 'virtual meeting room' where attendees can login, hear discussions and see live presentations and demos on PLM thought leadership.
OpenDXM GlobalX Cloud

Cost-effective and adaptable usage model for data exchange

OpenDXM GlobalX from the cloud not only offers customers a modular and scalable architecture but also a usage model that can be adapted flexibly to meet the customers’ needs. Customers can use the data exchange platform either as their own SaaS instance in a private cloud environment or as a multi-tenant application. In both cases, customer-specific branding of the user interface is possible.
OpenDXM GlobalX File Share

Easy integration in hybrid IT system landscapes

PROSTEP is now making the world’s leading data exchange platform, OpenDXM GlobalX, available from the cloud. This does not, however, mean that it can only be used in the cloud. Its modular architecture makes it possible to seamlessly integrate the software in existing IT landscapes with on-premise applications or other cloud-based applications and to operate it in a hybrid on-premise / cloud scenario.
OpenDXM GlobalX Cloud Service

Data protection and data security in the cloud infrastructure

OpenDXM GlobalX can be used on the cloud stacks of any provider. Unlike global players such as Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Telekom, however, smaller, local providers often offer better control over which data is stored and better protection against a government's right to demand that data be handed over, which is very broadly defined in some countries. PROSTEP therefore uses the highly secure cloud infrastructure provided by the DARZ data center (https://www.da-rz.de) in Darmstadt.

Ready for the cloud thanks to the new web interface

PROSTEP is now making the world's leading data exchange platform, OpenDXM GlobalX, available from the cloud. We have paved the way to the cloud by developing a new, browser-based user interface as from version 9.0 of the platform. It provides all basic data exchange functions using HTML5 and without Java applets or Java Web Start applications, which means that users do not require any additional software.

Easy-to-use, secure and stable data exchange

PROSTEP is now making its OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform available from the cloud. The world's leading solution for managed file transfer (MFT) makes it possible to exchange any data and documents between customers, suppliers and partners, regardless of the data volumes, source systems or formats involved. It can be used throughout the company even more flexibly for a wide variety of application scenarios from the cloud.

Amid Uncertainty, PROSTEP Provides its Data Exchange and CAD Tools FREE

If you’re a remote worker, PROSTEP is giving you FREE USE of it’s data exchange and CAD tools FREE.
GlobalX SAAS

Secure Data Exchange without the Installation Effort

Companies in the automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, shipbuilding and other industries must be able to seamlessly trace data communications with customers and suppliers while at the same time protecting their intellectual property during data transfer. However, they often shy away from the effort involved in installing and maintaining a suitable managed file transfer (MFT) solution. PROSTEP is now making its OpenDXM GlobalX data exchange platform available in a highly secure cloud environment to facilitate secure data exchange for the largest possible number of users.

DASSAULT 3DEXPERIENCE Integration and Women in Engineering Highlights Upcoming COE2020

PROSTEP INC and parent company PROSTEP AG are Platinum sponsors at this year’s annual COE event, which will be held April 26 through 29, 2020 in Miami, FL. COE (Community of Experts of Dassault Systemes Solutions) brings together users of Dassault Systemes software and provides unprecedented access to education, training, networking, product influence opportunities and best practices.