OpenPDM supports new use cases for the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud

Last year, PROSTEP introduced the first connector that connects the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud to OpenPDM, thus allowing engineering data and ERP data to be linked via the integration platform. PROSTEP has continued to develop the connector and now additional data objects can be exchanged and geometry information can be made available in native or neutral formats.

Customers often use Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform from the cloud when they want to integrate new domains and avoid the time-consuming task of installing hardware and software. The 3DEXPERIENCE cloud connector links Dassault’s official Enterprise Integration Framework (EIF) with the time-tested services for managing exchange processes, data mapping and access to non-Dassault systems provided by the OpenPDM integration platform. The platform can either be operated in the customer’s cloud or it can be installed conventionally on premise.

The first release of the connector focused on integrating ERP systems like SAP with 3DEXPERIENCE cloud in order to link ERP information and engineering information at metadata level. PROSTEP has now expanded the previously supported use cases to include the option of exchanging additional data objects and also making geometry information available. This means that individual components or even complete assemblies can be exported from the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud together with the associated geometry information. The geometry is provided either in the standardized STEP AP242, AP203 or AP214 format or in the native CATIA V5 format. It is also possible to make engineering and manufacturing items available from the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud in the context of change processes.

Current plans in the context of the partnership with Dassault involve integration of the cloud solution with the SAP ERP system. It is intended that it be expanded in the near future so that the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud can also be connected to Teamcenter and Windchill. This means that we will then be able to offer a similarly comprehensive integration environment for Dassault’s cloud solution as for on-premise 3DEXPERIENCE installations.

By Mirko Theiß


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