MBSE/MBD extended Designs through the Digital Thread to provide Digital Twin Results

Today, companies in the automotive, aerospace & defense, shipbuilding, consumer products and other verticals have invested millions of dollars and thousands of hours building PLM, ALM, production, scheduling, execution, and quality solutions using standard COTS business applications.   The focus is to use standard functions and processes in these tools to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.   Now the challenge is how to integrate these systems to provide a “higher level” of process management that cuts across business systems.  PROSTEP’s OpenPDM can provide integration across the enterprise level set of applications with the focus of “re-use” and “federation” of data while maintaining “system of record” from the business systems responsible for authoring that key set of data elements.

Many companies have already launched enterprise level integration projects, using internal development efforts or other integration tools with limited capabilities.   PROSTEP has a full breath of connectors that spans the complete product lifecycle (Ideation-sustainment) that can be leveraged to support your digital thread initiatives and provide the fundamental foundation to support your current systems and provide the flexibility to “upgrade” your business systems while still maintaining the enterprise level integration.

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In addition, PROSTEP’s Globalx can extend your enterprise to suppliers and customers, built on the same technologies, for extension to these external consumers and participants outside your firewall while securing the delivery of the data from end to end.  Lastly, PROSTEP is investing every day in new products and has a new initiative called OpenCLM to enhance the baselining of products across your disparate business systems.  OpenCLM is still in the development/testing phases and is scheduled to be available in the coming months.   Let us know what you think, and we can help incorporate your ideas/thoughts as we build this powerful tool for cross-discipline configuration lifecycle management.

Feel free to review a blog that I co-authored to help explain the foundational and basics of integrations between PLM/ERP/MES while leveraging the iBOM (Ideation bill of materials – my coined term) that exists in the modeling environment MBSE/MBD initiatives support.    Take that iBOM to new levels by using that ideation structure as the foundation for a full-blown engineering bill of materials across mechanical, electrical, software, and change to deliver a single view of the products you are delivering.

I ask you to look at PROSTEP when you need a fully functional, proven solution to integrate your business systems.   You will find a set of proven products that have been around for many years and being used by many large organizations worldwide to bridge the gap of the Digital Thread.  You may review our competitors, but I challenge you to take a deeper dive into what you see.  PROSTEP’s OpenPDM  has been around for over 20 years and our latest version (introduced in 2019) is micro services enabled to help your company deliver a “tried and true” integration platform that can be incorporated into your logical infrastructure.  This allows PROSTEP to take our technology into your organization and “mold” the implementation to your existing infrastructure.  An example of that is with a large A&D company that wanted to use our integration platform but incorporate into a FUSE-BUS.

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Finally, PROSTEP has the services personnel to make this happen in your organization.  PROSTEP can adjust our implementation to fit the right use of personnel.   Example, let PROSTEP personnel do the first iteration and “teach your internal team to fish” so you can leverage the best of both worlds.   This is very important as it brings a level of “self-sufficiency” to your organization while providing an integration that can quickly be deployed and delivering a platform that can grow with your organization.

Thank you for taking time to review and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future.  PROSTEP has had a very strong couple of years, and we are growing every day.  This is all part of our commitment to success for our clients and leveraging a strong management team to ensure that success.

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Authored by Philip Michaud, Key Account Executive, PROSTEP INC

Phil Michaud has been in the business of integration for over 30+ years and has had many different roles during his career and different levels of an organization. Phil is a results-driven professional actively engaging customer prospects in engineering and manufacturing and helping companies extend their PLM portfolio with great products and services. With his vast knowledge and experiences, Phil can apply leadership talent and technical expertise to communicate effectively to both technical and non-technical personnel at all levels. As an effective decision maker and innovative problem solver, Phil can analyze situations carefully and can build consensus on creative strategies in solving complex problems.

With specific experience as a Business Process Architect, Software Project Manager, and Agile Business Analyst, Phil’s expertise in balancing business process engineering needs with integrated application integration projects, delivers an immediate impact to an organization’s business issues related to these projects. As a bottom-line contributor, Phil has a solid track record of increasing operational efficiencies, generating cost savings, and contributing to company profits during his career.


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