Long Term and Sporadic Collaboration with OpenPDM

The requirements relating to collaboration between partners are becoming increasingly complex. In joint ventures and other long-term partnerships, companies want to exchange large volumes of data at regular intervals in order to synchronize their development statuses. When developing smart products, new partners from outside the industry sector involved need to be integrated into the development networks spontaneously. OpenPDM therefore supports different collaboration scenarios that take account of the requirements of the respective partners and the depth of the relationships between partners. New relationships can be established quickly and also dismantled again quickly.


In the case of long-term collaboration scenarios and joint ventures, OpenPDM automatically extracts the CAD and PLM data from the back-end systems and makes it available together with the product structures in partner-specific file formats. The data and structures can of course also be imported into the partner systems. Thanks to freely configurable mapping rules, the data from partners can be integrated in the data model without having to create third-party structures. The provision of data from one PLM system to another can be automated partially or completely as required. This also makes it possible to synchronize the delta between the different PLM databases.

We have developed a special collaboration platform that makes collaboration in globally distributed development projects involving numerous partners that change frequently easier. OpenPDM CCenter makes the shared CAD and PLM data (and only this data) available to project participants in a protected environment outside their own PLM landscape. This ensures optimum protection of intellectual property. The solution supports not only secure online access via the Internet but also the offline processing of CAD data, with the option of synchronizing it later. The project partners have access to all the functions they need to coordinate their work, including version management, workflow management, change management and optional project management.

Posted with permission from PROSTEP AG.

Original Article by Mirko Theiss, Senior Manager PLM Integration and Product Manager OpenPDM at PROSTEP AG.


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