PLM Consulting & Strategy

Abeking and Rasmussen

PROSTEP recommends that Abeking & Rasmussen restructure its PLM landscape

Abeking & Rasmussen is a renowned shipyard that specializes in the construction and refitting of megayachts, special-purpose ships and naval vessels. The company brought PROSTEP on board with the aim of improving collaboration with its engineering partners. The recommendation we made to the executive board was that they first optimize the internal PLM landscape and thus lay the foundation for more efficient collaboration with partners.


Strategic PLM Consulting

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is a crucial factor for a successful digital transformation. This makes the task of introducing a new or modernizing an existing PLM landscape a complex process involving various domains and disciplines. The present White Paper explains the advantages of PROSTEP’s capability-based consulting approach when defining and implementing a forward-looking PLM strategy.

PROSTEP Insight Days 2023

PROSTEP INSIGHT DAYS 2023 on the topic of digital continuity

Digital continuity and the associated challenges are the overarching topics of PROSTEP INSIGHT DAYS, where we provide customers and interested parties with insights into our current range of solutions and consulting services. They will take place on March 22 and 23, 2023 as an online event, but with live presentations and professional moderation. Make a note of the date!

PLM Consulting

System-neutral consulting makes selecting a PLM system easier

Dieffenbacher manufactures machines and plants for the production of wood-based panels, composites and metal components as well as for recycling wood. The company also offers its customers a digital platform for monitoring and analyzing their press systems and plants. Matthias Rebel, Director Technical IT Systems, explains the challenges that the company faces when it comes to modernizing its heterogeneous PLM landscape.


PROSTEP provides better orientation when selecting a PLM system

Dieffenbacher needs to replace its existing PLM system because the vendor will be discontinuing support in the foreseeable future. Instead of immediately starting to look for an alternative, the plant engineering company first analyzed the PLM capabilities it would actually need in the future with PROSTEP’s help. Thanks to PROSTEP’s capability-based consulting approach, the company can be sure of moving in the right direction.


Slicing the PLM elephants

Many companies are facing the challenge of modernizing their now aging PLM landscapes. This is especially true of the PLM pioneers among them, who rolled out the first management systems for their mechanical product data more than 20 years ago. In many cases, these systems are no longer subject to further development or they no longer meet the new requirements for developing cyber-physical systems, which incorporate a high proportion of electronics and software. Their software architectures make it difficult to quickly integrate the new tools and features needed to respond agilely to new market and customer requirements.

end to end digitalization white paper

End to End Digitalization Between Product Development and Production

In order to make production processes more flexible and control them more efficiently, IT systems for manufacturing process planning must be seamlessly integrated into the digital information flows between the PDM/PLM and ERP worlds. This white paper explains how the digital thread can be spun from product development through manufacturing process planning to production.


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